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Where to Find Fusion Cores in Fallout 4

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Fusion Cores are crucial for using your power armor, as these cores are what give your metal suit energy. However, they don’t last forever, meaning that you should always be on the lookout for more Fusion Cores in Fallout 4.

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    The Best Ways to Get Fusion Cores in Fallout 4

    A sentry bot about to overheat and a close-up of a member of the brotherhood of steel standing in power armor.

    There are a couple of infinite ways for you to acquire Fusion Cores in Fallout 4. Objectively, the best way to get Fusion Cores is to obtain them as drops from certain enemies. You can effectively farm them for Fusion Cores infinitely, however, they are quite tough.

    How to Get Fusion Cores From Sentry Bots

    These large robots tower over you, even when you are in power armor, which makes them intimidating. Sentry Bots are quite dangerous in combat as well, which makes their daunting appearance valid. Many of these automatons have deadly chainguns that unleash torrents of bullets, though some also have missile launchers that shoot Mini-Nukes. These offensive capabilities combined with fierce melee attacks make Sentry Bots stalwart adversaries.

    While you will have a tough time taking them down with guns that shoot regular bullets, energy weapons can make fighting Sentry Bots much easier. Like with other robotic and metallic foes, energy damage will hurt them more. As such, you should try weapons like energy pistols and plasma rifles against them.

    After you take down a Sentry Bot, you have a high chance of finding a Fusion Core on their remains–sometimes even multiple! This is the only enemy in Fallout 4 that consistently drops Fusion Cores. Sentry Bots are located in many locations, but some places are better to search than others.

    The Best Sentry Bot Spawn and Respawn Locations

    • One is in a partially submerged power station northwest of the Murkwater Construction Site
    • There is an unpowered Sentry Bot by a memorial statue northeast of the Murkwater Construction Site
    • You can find one outside the National Guard Armory
    • There is a trapped Sentry Bot east of Vault 95
    • Travel east from Medford Memorial Hospital to find one guarding a caravan on a hill
    • A Sentry Bot is guarding the roof of the 35 Court building
    • There is an inactive Sentry Bot in Hester’s Consumer Robotics
    • There is a frequent spawn-point for Sentry Bots between the East Boston Police Station and East City Downs
    • Two hostile Sentry Bots can be located in the Mass Fusion building
    • Go southeast from Lynn Pier Parking to find two Sentry Bots on a bridge
    • You can find one at an unmarked Red Rocket gas station north of the South Boston Military Checkpoint
    • A Sentry Bot is stationed at a Gunner camp west of Flight 1981 on a rundown highway
    • You can uncover one in a building with a mag-locked door west of Fairline Hill Estates
    • You can find one northwest of the Coastal Cottage location at a Gunner camp
    • A Sentry Bot is patrolling the road west of Fort Hagen
    • One is wandering around the southeast of ArcJet Systems
    • An inactive Sentry Bot is located in the Old Robotics part of The Institute
    • A Sentry Bot is guarding the outside of the Cabot House
    • One inactive Sentry Bot is resting within the Robotics Disposal Grounds
    • You can spot one in the Nuka-World Junkyard

    How to Get Fusion Cores From the Brotherhood of Steel

    As you may have guessed, NPCs that use power armor are a great target to farm for Fusion Cores. However, due to them being quite strong, it can be difficult to farm cores from them. The most common wearers of power armor in Fallout 4 are members of the Brotherhood of Steel. They’re armed very well, like Sentry Bots, which means they’re deadly in combat.

    Thankfully, you can take down Brotherhood of Steel members the same way you defeat Sentry Bots: with energy weapons! Be prepared for a tough fight as well as reinforcements, for Brotherhood of Steel members rarely travel alone.

    Though, this is not the only way to farm Brotherhood of Steel members for Fusion Cores. If a member is wearing a suit of power armor, you can actually pickpocket a core from them. Before you try this method, however, it’s recommended that you level up your Pickpocketing skill.

    The Best Locations to Find Brotherhood of Steel Members

    • Cambridge Police Station
    • The Prydwen
    • Boston Airport

    Locations Where You Can Find the Most Fusion Cores

    Split image where the top one shows the rusty metallic remains in a junkyard and the bottom one shows a street in the city goodneighbor.

    In addition to getting Fusion Cores as drops from enemies and NPCs, you can also find them as loot in pre-determined locations. This method isn’t as lucrative or renewable, however, it won’t involve as many risks. You can also buy Fusion Cores from certain merchants.

    Nuka-World Junkyard

    The Nuka-World Junkyard is easily the location with the most Fusion Cores, as it has 7 total. You’ll need to dig around the expansive landfill, though, as it’s quite crowded. You will need the Nuka-World DLC to access this location.


    This city is the next best place to search for Fusion Cores, as it has 4 that can be found. You can find 2 in various generators while the other 2 are locked away on a train car.

    Milton Parking Garage

    This location also has 4 Fusion Cores, however, they cannot be looted as easily as those in the areas mentioned above. To get these cores, you will have to complete the dangerous maze within this setting, as they are only obtainable as a reward.

    The Castle’s Tunnels

    Here, you can get 2 Fusion cores from Sarge and another 1 from a generator. Since this area is one that you will have to explore for a quest, it will be fairly easy to loot.

    Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant

    This is another spot with 3 Fusion Cores. You will find 2 within a mag-locked door and the last 1 is on the structure’s roof.

    Greenetech Genetics

    You can find 3 Fusion Cores on the top level of this building. However, all of them are locked behind high-level doors and are only accessible by those with equally high-level Lockpicking skills.

    Malden Center

    Located at the bottom of this location’s elevator shaft are 3 Fusion Cores. They are all found around the generator nearby.

    Robotics Disposal Ground

    The 3 Fusion Cores are found either in a chest or within a robot stationed here. It should be noted that you will need to destroy the robot to get its Fusion Core.

    Buying Fusion Cores From Merchants

    Every merchant who sells ammunition can potentially carry Fusion Cores. Fusion Cores act like fuel for power armor (and a few weapons) but are classified in the game’s engine as a type of ammo. Their price will vary, depending on who you talk to, so be sure to hit up the merchants who like you the best for optimal deals.

    Everything You Need to Know About Fusion Cores

    The player inspecting a yellow, black, and red cylindrical fusion core in their menu.

    Fusion Cores designed to be a multi-purpose source of energy for various large devices are common. You can consider them to be batteries that hold relatively stable nuclear energy. Fusion Cores used to power vehicles, generators, and weaponry prior to the Great War are everywhere.

    After the nuclear disaster ravaged the world, Fusion Cores became almost exclusively used in power armor and generators around The Commonwealth. However, Fusion Cores can be overloaded to generate an explosion, so you should always be a bit careful around them.

    About Fusion Core Charges

    Fusion Cores will not last indefinitely, meaning that you will need to replace the one in your power armor or Gatling laser every so often. A Fusion Core will start with 100 out of 100 on its charge meter, which will deplete over time while in use. While active, a full Fusion Core will deplete to 0 out of 100 after 20 real-life minutes of usage, which is equivalent to 10 hours of in-game time.