Is Gang Beasts Split Screen?

Gang Beasts is one of those games that’s made even better if played with people you know. This is easily done online. But does the game also offer a split-screen feature so you can play with friends locally?

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    Split Screen Isn’t Necessary For Gang Beasts

    The split screen feature on games is something that we’re seeing far less and less. Even video game series that used to have them, and should still have them, don’t incorporate them anymore.

    For the sake of Gang Beasts, like so many other games made today, the game doesn’t have a split-screen feature.

    Thankfully, though, this is a feature the game doesn’t really need.

    Players fighting atop a crane in Gang Beasts.

    Gang Beasts does have a local multiplayer feature. It can support up to four players locally. While playing with your friends locally, you’ll all be sharing the same screen.

    This can be enough too. The stages you’ll play in aren’t at all that vast, which means all four players should be able to see their avatars clearly.

    The Beasts in Gang Beasts fighting in the middle of a ring.