Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

Gang Beasts is a beat-em-up game you can play with friends and strangers online. It’s been released on multiple platforms. That said, if you and your friends are playing on different consoles, are you able to play together?

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    Bad News For Gang Beasts Players

    Unfortunately, Gang Beasts isn’t cross-platform. However, there is one very specific exception.

    PC players and Xbox players can play matches together if the PC player bought the game from the Microsoft Store. Gang Beasts can also be downloaded for free if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

    However, PC players who purchased Gang Beasts via Steam are only able to play games with other PC players.

    Thankfully, the game supports cross-generation play. This means if you’re playing on a PS4, you can play a game with someone who’s playing with a PS5. The same goes for Xbox consoles.

    The Future of Gang Beasts’ Cross Platform

    Gang Beasts characters holding each other.

    As of writing, there is no news of an upcoming update that will provide a cross-platform feature for Gang Beasts on all platforms. However, according to the FAQ from the game’s official website, they are “looking into ways of adding this feature.”

    That said, maybe Gang Beast will be cross-platform in the near future. Whether that’s sooner rather than later, however, is unknown. But given how popular and highly demanded this feature is, more and more developers are ensuring that their online games have this feature. Perhaps Boneleaf, the developers of the game, will follow through as soon as they can.

    Gang Beasts cover.