Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Why Take Classes?

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you’re a new student at Naranja Academy. Thus, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a total of seven different classes. Though it’s a large time commitment, it may very well be worth it.

Table Of Contents

    How to Take Classes

    To take a class, you must visit the main desk in the Entrance Hall in Naranja Academy where you first walk in. At the beginning of the game, only some of the subjects and classes will be available to you. There are seven subjects you can unlock in total:

    • Biology
    • Math
    • History
    • Languages
    • Battle Studies
    • Art
    • Home Ec

    To unlock all of these subjects, you must make progress in earning your Gym Badges. As you collect more Gym Badges, you’ll not only unlock the rest of the subjects, but you’ll also unlock more classes and exams in each subject. In total, there are six classes and two exams per each subject.

    Rewards for Midterms and Finals

    Teacher discussing the midterm exam.

    The reason you’d want to take classes is ultimately to do well on the midterms and the final exams. You’ll need to complete three classes in a given subject to take the midterm and the rest of the classes to take the final exam.

    For the midterms, you’ll only need to get three out of five answers correct. For the final exams, you’ll need to answer four out of five questions correctly.

    The rewards you get for passing exams are as follows:

    • Five Exp. Candies S for each midterm passed
    • Five Exp. Candies M for each final exam passed
    • Five Exp. Candies L if you pass all final exams

    After taking classes, you’ll also want to visit the teachers scattered throughout the school. Go to the kiosk in the Entrance Hall, and travel to all the places marked with a “!” to speak with the teachers. Each time you do this, you grow closer to a teacher. If you reach the max bond with them, you’ll get rewards for this too.

    Character Standing in front of the Academy.