The Happy Turtle ad campaign flyer locations.

FF7 Remake Intergrade: All Happy Turtle Flyer Locations

The gumshoe ninja strikes again!

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In Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode INTERmission, you’ll encounter a strange man, known as Old Snapper, wearing a turtle shell. He’ll task Yuffie with finding six Happy Turtle flyers, all scattered around Sector 7. Here’s where you can find each one, and what you’ll get as a reward.

Each time you get close to a Happy Turtle flyer, you’ll hear The Happy Turtle Jingle playing in the background. Once you hear this tune, keep your eyes peeled.

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    Happy Turtle Flyer #1: Some Kids Hide One Somewhere

    Happy Turtle flyer 1 location.

    The first flyer is found immediately to the right of the bar’s proprietor. It’s situated in the corner behind a group of boxes, near a park where some children are playing. You’ll need to knock the stack of boxes down to see the flyer.

    Happy Turtle Flyer #2: Floating Through the Air

    Happy Turtle flyer 5 location.

    The second flyer is tied to a balloon, floating through the air near a group of kids talking about getting the balloon down. Yuffie needs to throw her shuriken at the balloon to pop it. Be sure to get in the correct position so that no other obstacles are in your way.

    Once you pop the balloon, check the ground near where it fell to grab the Happy Turtle flyer.

    Happy Turtle Flyer #3: Near Old Snapper’s Friend’s Apartment Building

    Happy Turtle flyer 3 location.

    You can find the third flyer on the second floor of the apartment where Tifa and Cloud stay. There is a guard dog keeping watch on the second floor, and will scare you off if it spots you.

    The dog has a tendency to fall asleep very quickly (and wake up just as quickly). Sneak from box to box while the dog is napping, and grab the flyer posted on the wall, right before the corner.

    Happy Turtle Flyer #4: A Cat Took One on Culvert Street

    Happy Turtle flyer 4 location.

    The fourth flyer is in a yard that’s located behind a small tunnel. You’ll see a cat run with a poster before you get there. Once you make it to the yard, you’ll realize the cat wasn’t alone—and every cat is holding a piece of paper.

    Check with each cat until you find the one holding the Happy Turtle flyer. The cat you’re looking for is in the back, close to a treasure chest.

    Happy Turtle Flyer #5: On the Town Bulletin Board

    Happy Turtle flyer 5 location.

    The fifth flyer is relatively easy to find. It’s on a bulletin board located halfway between town and the train station, just past Roche and his motorcycle. You’ll need to rip the Shinra poster off the bulletin board to find the Happy Turtle flyer, as it’s hiding behind it.

    Happy Turtle Flyer #6: Near the Old Talagger Factory

    Happy Turtle flyer 6 location

    The sixth and final Happy Turtle flyer is located in the final area of the Old Talagger Factory. You’ll need to battle your way through a few areas before you get there, though. Snag the last flyer and head back to see Old Snapper.

    Reward For Completing The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign

    Once you find all six Happy Turtle flyers and bring them back to Old Snapper, he’ll congratulate you by rewarding you with the Magnify Materia. Additionally, you’ll unlock the Turtle-tastic trophy.

    He’ll also invite Yuffie to swing by the Happy Turtle for a drink, once she becomes of age.