Agni from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Agni Hunt Location and Rewards

Stare down the maw of this monster for a petrified prize...

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Key Takeaway

You can find the Notorious Mark Agni in an open area within the Kingdom of Waloed’s Halfcombe region. This huge lizard can be found after you complete the Brotherhood main quest. Fast travel to The Edge of Infinity obelisk in Waloed and head north from there to find this fiend.

Looking for a Stone Tongue in Final Fantasy 16? If you want one, you’ll need to hunt down a Notorious Mark with thick scales that can breathe fiery gales: Agni. It’s time to take a trip to Waloed.

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    Where to Find Agni

    Agni's location in Final Fantasy 16.

    Agni only appears after you’ve completed the Brotherhood main quest. This Notorious Mark is located in the Halfcombe section of the Kingdom of Waloed. You passed through this area on your first outing in Waloed during an earlier main quest.

    Fast travel to The Edge of Infinity obelisk in Waloed. From here, keep heading north until you reach the area marked on the map image above. A cutscene revealing Agni plays as soon as you reach this area. When the cutscene finishes, the fight begins.

    How to Beat Agni

    Agni's Collider attack.

    Agni is a level 40 A-rank enemy, making it one of the tougher Notorious Marks on the Hunt Board. Thankfully, its most dangerous attacks are predictable. These abilities are easy to see coming and can be dodged with little effort.

    • Collider: This is one of Agni’s most prominent attacks. The fiend curls up into a ball and rolls toward you a few times in a row. Dodge just before it hits you, or use Titan’s Titanic Block Eikonic Feat to stop Agni in its tracks. You can also attack Agni whenever it stops in between its dashes to parry the assault altogether.
    • Firewater: Agni spews fire from its mouth in one or two horizontal sweeps. Dodge through the flaming beams to avoid damage.
    Aside from these two, Agni only uses melee attacks that are simple pounces, slams, and rolls. All of these have clear telegraphing due to their obvious windups. Perform Precision Dodges around these so you can follow it up with Precision Counters.

    Agni has a huge health pool, so defeating it can take a while depending on your damage output. Be patient and you’ll put down this massive beast eventually. Agni is a relatively slow enemy, so you can use high-damage abilities that need to be charged, such as Titan’s Windup and Shiva’s Ice Age for this fight without much issue.

    Other than that, use whichever abilities you’re most comfortable with. Bahamut’s Gigaflare can also be incredibly effective against Agni since this slows down time and can consistently damage a large target.

    Agni Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for defeating Agni in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ll receive the following rewards for defeating Agni:

    • 8,000 Experience
    • 100 Ability Points
    • 15,500 Gil
    • 35 Renown
    • 1 Stone Tongue

    The Stone Tongue can be used to craft the Ouroboros belt: the best waist armor you can acquire in Final Fantasy 16. This alone makes fighting Agni incredibly worthwhile. On top of that, you also receive decent sums of Experience, Gil, and Renown for this hunt. If you want more Gil, Renown, and other rare materials from hunts, give S-rank Notorious Marks a shot! Pandemonium and Ruin Reawakened are challenging hunts, yet provide exciting battles that you can try out after you defeat Agni.

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