The Kuza Beast from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Kuza Beast Hunt Location and Rewards

This enemy is a true beast both in appearance and origins. It's time to put it down.

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Key Takeaway

The Kuza Beast is a boss you’ll fight at the end of the Nobody’s Tool side quest. This quest is given to you by Dorys at the Hideaway. To access the quest, you’ll first need to complete the “The Weight of Command” and “Self-Determination” quests, both also found at the Hideaway.

The Kuza Beast hunt forces you to fight a fearsome foe in Final Fantasy 16. It’s ultimately the final boss to a series of side quests—one that highlights how terrible this world is for Bearers. It’s an enemy you’ll feel obligated to slay after you learn its story.

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    Where to Find the Kuza Beast

    Kuza Beast's location in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ll find the Kuza Beast in Balmung Dark, which is in the Kingdom of Waloed. However, to encounter the Kuza Beast, you’ll first need to start a side quest called Nobody’s Tool. This is the final part of a series of quests involving a cursebreaker named Dorys. If you don’t do this quest, you won’t be able to get into Balmung Dark’s central area.

    To trigger the quest, you’ll first need to complete “The Weight of Command” and “Self-Determination” quests. The former is given by Dorys, and the other by Cole—both at the Hideaway. Once both are complete, speak to Dorys once more in the Hideaway to start the “Nobody’s Tool” quest.

    This quest takes you to Balmung Dark, which is northwest of the Ravenwit Walls obelisk in the Kingdom of Waloed. Simply progress through the quest until the end and you’ll face the Kuza Beast as the final boss. The quest marker will lead you to where the beast waits.

    How to Beat the Kuza Beast

    The Kuza Beast from Final Fantasy 16.

    Kuza Beast is a towering A-rank level 40 Notorious Mark. It will use its herculean size to its advantage to try to overpower you. However, its size can also work to your advantage. It will swipe at you with its forearms and tail, but these attacks are easy to dodge because of their long windup and clear tells.

    Save for its typical melee attacks, the following are the Kuza Beast’s deadlier abilities. Watch out for these—and here’s how to dodge them.

    • Charge Attack: The Kuza Beast will begin this attack by dropping its arms on the ground before proceeding to charge at you. While easy to dodge, it may still catch you off guard—especially if you’re close to it. Be sure to pay attention to when it drops to the ground and start dodging to its left or right to avoid the charge.
    • Comet: This is the Kuza Beast’s deadliest attack, and its only named ability. When it begins, the ground glows where comets will land. Stay away from these areas. You also need to dodge the comets themselves as well as the shockwaves from the impacts. Wait for the entire attack to finish before attacking the Kuza Beast again.
    While the Comet attack is happening, the Kuza Beast will continue attacking you with its melee maneuvers. It may also occasionally charge toward you. That being said, you’ll need to be mindful of the comets and the Kuza Beast’s position throughout the entire attack.

    The Kuza Beast’s Will Gauge can be depleted efficiently by using Garuda’s Aerial Blast and Shiva’s Diamond Dust. Once staggered, use the rest of your abilities to chip away at its health.

    The Kuza Beast Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for completing the Kuza Beast hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ll receive the following for defeating the Kuza Beast:

    • 5,500 Experience
    • 90 Ability Points
    • 15,000 Gil
    • 35 Renown
    • 1 Behemoth Shackle
    • 2 Meteorites

    You can use the Behemoth Shackle to craft the Defender sword. It’s definitely one of the stronger swords in the game. The real reward for defeating the giant beast is the completion of the Nobody’s Tool side quest, which reveals an integral point in Dorys’s past and puts an end to the terrible acts done to Bearers in this prison.

    With this A-Rank enemy put down, you may be ready to tackle the S-Rank Notorious Marks in FF16. These are the toughest of the bunch, with enemies like the Breaker of Worlds and the Ruin Reawakened being two of the hardest enemies in the game. Be sure to give them a visit for vast rewards!

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