The Notorious Mark appearance of the target during the Belphegor hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Belphegor Hunt Location and Rewards

Time to best the fire-belching B-rank Belphegor!

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Key Takeaway

The Notorious Mark known as Belphegor is found in the Imperial Province of Rosaria—in the southern part of the Broken Hilt region. To find your target fast, start from the Eastpool obelisk and travel southeast into Broken Hilt. Then follow the thin, southern trail that leads to a dead end: this is where the infamous aevis roosts.

In Final Fantasy 16, hunts are efficient ways to gain a lot of Experience, Gil, and crafting materials. One of the first of these you can do is the Belphegor hunt. In addition to other great rewards, this beast drops Dragon Talons, which are needed for many crafting recipes.

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    Where to Find Belphegor

    The map location of the Belphegor hunt within Rosaria marked with a red circle in Final Fantasy 16.

    Appropriately, you’ll be able to start tracking down Notorious Marks shortly after beginning the main quest Here be Monsters. This happens after you move to the new Hideaway and unlock the Hunt Board.||

    The hint you get leads you to the Imperial Province of Rosaria’s Broken Hilt region. Belphegor, the level 30 aevis, resides in the southernmost part of Broken Hilt’s long, thin, southern trail. To get here quickly, start from the Eastpool obelisk and go southeast into Broken Hilt. Afterward, make your way down the southern path that leads to a dead end.

    If you need more help hunting your prey, take a look at the red circle in the image above for Belphegor’s exact location.

    How to Beat Belphegor

    Clive hitting Belphegor while it's staggered in Final Fantasy 16.

    For the most part, you probably won’t have a hard time completing the Belphegor hunt, as this Notorious Mark is virtually identical to other aevis enemies. With that said, we’ll go into its offensive strategy so that you can plan accordingly.

    • Tail Whip: On occasion, the Notorious Mark twirls around swiftly to slap you with its tail. If you see your adversary winding up its tail for an attack, dodge away from the beast’s body to avoid taking damage.
    • Backflip Strike: Sometimes Belphegor leaps up and tries to uppercut you with its tail. Dodge to either the left or right when you see the reptile rise into the air to evade this attack.
    • Gust: After dropping below 50% health, the angry aevis may hover in the air briefly before using its strong wings to whip up a fierce wind that can push you back, stun you briefly, and deal a bit of damage. If you see Belphegor soar upward, dodge to the left or right to get out of harm’s way.
    • Dive-Bomb: Following a Gust attack, this Notorious Mark always tries to Dive-Bomb you. If you evaded the Gust, you should be able to avoid the Dive-Bomb with another well-timed dodge in any direction.
    If you didn’t dodge a Gust, the window during which you can dodge a Dive-Bomb is much smaller. Spam the dodge button here to move away as quickly as you can.
    • Fireballs: Once in a while, this foe fires flaming projectiles at you. Belphegor always shoots three fireballs in quick succession. To avoid them, dodge to the left or right as each fireball approaches. You can see such strikes coming when the monster tilts its head back.
    • Claw Slashes: One of this Notorious Mark’s most frequent attacks is the back-to-back slashes it does with its wicked claws. You’ll need to time your dodges carefully, as the homing on this attack is very accurate. After you see Belphegor raise a claw, dodge just as the aevis begins moving. Prepare to do this twice: once for each claw slash. Despite needing solid timing, dodging in any direction lets you evade this maneuver.
    • Flame Breath: When you see this mean, green fiend rear up onto its hind legs, get ready for a wide spray of flames. To escape the fire, dodge away from the front of this draconic enemy.
    Belphegor jumps around a lot, so try shooting it with magic if it’s out of melee range. Don’t bother closing the distance yourself, as your target is guaranteed to do so soon.

    When coming up with battle tactics for the Belphegor hunt, we recommend using Garuda’s abilities as much as possible. Aerial Blast is an excellent way to passively deal damage and decrease the rampaging reptile’s Will Gauge.

    Deadly Takedown is a great way to stun Belphegor when its Will Gauge dips below 50%—which would be a perfect time to use Gouge to deplete your prey’s Will Gauge even more without fearing counterattacks. On top of that, Deadly Leap comes in handy for dodging many of your foe’s moves.

    The Belphegor Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for completing the Belphegor hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    After you annihilate this aevis, you’ll get some good rewards!

    • 805 Experience
    • 60 Ability Points
    • 10,800 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • 2 Dragon Talons

    During the early parts of FF16, over 9,000 Gil goes a long way! That, plus the decent amount of Experience helps Clive reach new heights of power. Also, let’s not forget the Dragon Talons that you can use for a ton of different crafting recipes. Take what you’ve gained from this hunt and use it to prepare for tougher ones—like going up against a real dragon. Happy hunting!