In Final Fantasy 16, the Muddy Murder hunt location's enemy is revealed: the Flan Prince.

Final Fantasy 16: Muddy Murder Hunt Location and Rewards

It's time to slay a slime!

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Key Takeaway

You can find the Notorious Mark, the Flan Prince, in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. Look for the Flan Prince at the northeasternmost part of Hawk’s Cry Cliff.

The Muddy Murder hunt location is hinted at by the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 pretty clearly—though the tough part won’t be tracking down this fiend. The perpetrator is the Flan Prince: a unique enemy who is lurking in the Hawk’s Cry Cliff region of Rosaria.

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    Where to Find the Flan Prince

    The Muddy Murder hunt location's target: the Flan Prince, is found on this spot on the Final Fantasy 16 map. The area shown is the northern part of Hawk's Cry Cliff in Rosaria and the player's yellow marker is there.

    Once you see the Muddy Murder contract (it’s A-Rank) on the Hunt Board in the Hideaway, the Flan Prince spawns in The Imperial Province of Rosaria. Search for the powerful slime in the northeastern part of Hawk’s Cry Cliff.

    The quickest way here is to warp to the Hawk’s Cry Cliff obelisk (which is at the south end of this area) and then head north. When you reach the correct spot on the map (check the above image), you want to investigate the eastern chunk of land; don’t go west towards Auldhyl.

    The Flan Prince is a greenish-blue gelatinous blob with four arms. It’s a relatively small enemy, so it can be tough to see from a distance. Keep moving around the northeastern part of Hawk’s Cry Cliff until a forced cutscene starts playing.

    How to Beat the Flan Prince

    Clive hitting the Flan Prince in Final Fantasy 16.

    The Flan Prince loves to spam some serious spells—so be wary when this noble slime looks like it’s casting one. However, it’s far from being a glass cannon; the Flan Prince can also smack you around with its four surprisingly strong arms. You want to prioritize evasion over relentless attacks here.

    Keep in mind that the Flan Prince is level 38, which means you might have a hard time beating them if you’re under this level. It’s not impossible by any means to take them down at a lower level—you just need to be more careful.

    • Melee: The slime tries to slap you with its spindly arms. The wind-up for these attacks is pretty obvious, so you shouldn’t have much trouble seeing them coming. There are fast, horizontal slaps and slow, strong, overhand smashes. Regardless of what type of physical strike is incoming, you can dodge or parry all of them. Also, if you time your Titanic Blocks well, you can unleash punishing counterattacks.
    • Ranged Attacks: It doesn’t matter if you’re near or far; the Flan Prince casts spells at you in abundance! Fire, wind, ice, and earth spells are all in the sorcerous slime’s repertoire. Thankfully, it takes a while for the fiend to cast each one, which makes this enemy’s spell attacks even more obvious than its melee ones. It’s best to dodge all of these—especially when the Flan Prince drops below 50% health and begins Dualcasting (casting two spells back-to-back).
    • Don’t Stand in Front of the Flan Prince: When the Flan Prince is casting spells or using its strongest melee attacks, it always aims directly in front of itself. On top of this, the Flan Prince always maneuvers toward you so that you’re in this exact spot. Any time you see it start casting a spell or winding up for a heavy-handed slap, flank the fiendish flan. The only exception to this pattern is the Flan Prince’s weaker slaps, which act as AoE (area of effect) attacks that sweep around the foe’s gelatinous body.

    Evasion is the key to this fight. Wait for windows during which to strike—and create them by doing precision dodges, parries, and perfect blocks. The Flan Prince has too much HP for you to ability-spam them into submission, so you’ll have to chip away at them in a slow, steady, and staggering manner.

    The Muddy Murder Rewards

    The rewards for completing the Muddy Murder hunt board contract in Final Fantasy 16: a Gelatinous Mass and some currency rewards.

    After you complete the Muddy Murder hunt, you’ll get some great rewards for felling the Flan Prince! Defeating this Notorious Mark grants you:

    • 30 Renown
    • 95 Ability Points
    • 12,000 Gil
    • 5,980 Experience
    • Gelatinous Mass

    Well done on besting this bubbly brute! Rosaria is that much safer, and Clive’s stockpile of resources is fuller than before. The wealth of Experience received when defeating the Flan Prince should be enough to level you up once—or even twice.

    What’s more, that 12,000 Gil goes a long way in terms of buying goods and collectibles. Last, but not least, the Gelatinous Mass you earn is a unique drop that gets you one step closer to crafting the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, which is one of the best pieces of armor in the game! This, in turn, makes it easier for you to fight even fiercer foes—such as future Notorious Marks. Happy hunting!