Severian from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Severian Hunt Location and Rewards

This Notorious Mark's laser weapons are no match for a Dominant.

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Key Takeaway

Severian is a Notorious Mark found in the Sorrowise region, which is northwest of Martha’s Rest in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. Start from Martha’s Rest obelisk, then make your way to the elevator west of Martha’s Inn and ride it down. Continue northwest and you’ll encounter this enemy.

In Final Fantasy 16, you can take up the Severian hunt for a unique reward: Electrum. However, don’t let this Notorious Mark’s size intimidate you. If you prepare properly, you’ll make quick work of this Fallen fiend and reap the rewards waiting for you at the end of this hunt.

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    Where to Find Severian

    Severian's location shown on the map of the Imperial Province of Rosaria in Final Fantasy 16.

    The Severian hunt becomes available shortly after you begin the main quest After the Storm.

    Severian is in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. You can find it in the marshland northwest of Martha’s Rest. Start from Martha’s Rest, make your way to the elevator west of Martha’s Inn, and ride it down. From there, head northwest through the Sorrowise region to find your target. See the image above for Severian’s exact location.

    How to Beat Severian

    Severian performing the Eradicate attack in Final Fantasy 16.

    Severian is a level 31 B-rank enemy, making it one of the lower-level Notorious Marks on the Hunt Board. Its bulky size may seem intimidating, but this brute isn’t too tough due to its level and slow-moving attacks. This is especially true if your level is 31 or higher.

    Having said all of that, you should still take great care when fighting this foe. It is slow, but it hits hard. On top of that, it is relentlessly aggressive.

    • Eradicate: This is the only named attack Severian has. When it powers up two laser swords on each arm, get ready! It then proceeds to spin around as it slightly moves forward. As it does this, it also fires multiple energy projectiles around itself.
    The best way to avoid Severian’s Eradicate attack is to dodge toward its back. Stay away from it until it stops the attack. Once Severian settles, hit it with a few attacks of your own. Keep at it and you’ll be able to defeat this Notorious Mark in just a few minutes.
    • Energy Explosions: Once in a while, Severian creates an AoE explosion around itself. Afterward, it follows this up by creating a ring of explosions in a wide perimeter around itself. To avoid the first AoE explosion, get away from your foe. Then, to dodge the ring of explosions, get close to Severian.

    His arms can fire energy balls at you—usually two in succession. These balls travel slowly, allowing you to dodge them easily.

    It can also generate laser swords which it then uses for its melee attacks: it will swipe or lunge at you. Thankfully, these attacks are also fairly slow.

    Use abilities that are swift and have no wind-up time. Perfect examples of this are Phoenix’s Rising Flames and Ramuh’s Pile Drive. This is because although Severian’s attacks are slow and can be easily dodged, they always throw a barrage of attacks your way. It barely gives you enough breathing time to wind up an ability. Quick and hard-hitting abilities are perfect for this battle.

    To deal more damage, use high-impact abilities that slow down time. Phoenix’s Flame of Rebirth, Ramuh’s Judgment Bolt, and Bahamut’s Gigaflare are great against Severian.

    The Severian Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for completing the Severian Hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    After defeating Severian, you’ll receive the following:

    • 800 Experience
    • 70 Ability Points
    • 8,500 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • 1 Electrum

    Given Severian is a relatively low-level enemy, the rewards you’ll receive for defeating it aren’t too impressive. However, the Electrum is handy to have, as it can be used to reinforce a useful belt when you’re about halfway through the game. If you do want to tackle bosses that give you better rewards, why not try out A-rank or S-rank Notorious Marks? The Mageth Brothers and the Breaker of Worlds hunts are great challenges that are worth undertaking for the rewards they provide!