The Notorious Mark appearance during the Mageth Brothers hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Mageth Brothers Hunt Location and Rewards

Three's a crowd...

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Key Takeaway

This Notorious Mark trio—the Mageth Brothers—reside in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. Specifically, you’ll find them in the western part of the Quietsands region. The fastest way here is to start from the Port Isolde obelisk before heading northeast through the Silken Strand area. Afterward, move north into the Quietsands and look for the Mageth Brothers to the west: they’re on the beach.

The Mageth Brothers hunt in Final Fantasy 16 is a decent way to get Experience and Gil. However, this task requires you to fight three foes at once! With that said, this trio is composed of an enemy type you’ve faced plenty of times before.

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    Where to Find the Mageth Brothers

    The location of the Mageth Brothers hunt within Quietsands, Rosaria in Final Fantasy 16.

    You can start the Mageth Brothers hunt soon after you begin the main quest Things Fall Apart. Once you reach this part in FF16, make your way to the Imperial Province of Rosaria. The target trio treads the beach of the Quietsands region.

    To efficiently get here, start from Port Isolde and venture northeast through the Silken Strand area. Next, take a few steps north into the Quietsands and then explore the beach to the west. Here, you’ll find the level 38 Mageth Brothers along the waterline.

    For added help tracking down this Notorious Mark, check out the image above.

    How to Beat the Mageth Brothers

    Clive fighting the Mageth Brothers on a beach at sunset in Final Fantasy 16.

    The Mageth Brothers are triplets; they all look and act the same (despite having different names). As a result, they all have the same attacks and abilities. Also, they’re all an enemy type you’ve seen plenty of times before: muscular axe-wielders. In addition to the usual threats you need to look out for when fighting this kind of enemy, you’ll need to be wary of the Mageth Brothers’ unique abilities.

    • Last Crusade: By far the trio’s strongest attack, this named ability (its name appears on-screen right before it’s used) involves all three Mageth Brothers charging directly at you. To evade this assault, dodge multiple times in a chosen direction (left or right) to get out of this attack’s linear path.
    Last Crusade hits you multiple times—and any strike stuns you—so you’re guaranteed to get combo’d if this maneuver meets its mark.
    • Horizontal Slash: At random intervals, the brothers swing their axes in your direction. Each foe attacks at a different time, although the windup for such slashes is obvious. When you see one of your enemies pull back their weapon, dodge away from it.
    • Overhead Chop: Once in a while, these thugs raise their axes above their heads to smash you into the wet sand. Strikes like these also have noticeable windups, so you’ll be able to see them coming. To evade, dodge away from the front of whoever’s attacking.
    • Iron Gavel: When there’s only one foe left, the survivor uses this last-resort named ability (its name appears on-screen right before it’s used). Iron Gavel is a series of four axe attacks that combine Horizontal Slashes and Overhead Chops. To avoid getting hurt here, dodge all four attacks in any direction or simply get far away from your foe until Iron Gavel is over.
    This melee is a matter of quantity over quality. Each enemy has relatively low health and small Will Gauges—so, for the most part, you can successfully use a brute force approach.

    Usually, in fights featuring multiple strong foes, it would be better to focus on one adversary at a time. However, due to the Mageth Brothers’ low individual health, you can take them all out relatively quickly by using powerful AoE (area of effect) abilities.

    During this hunt, we used Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth and Garuda’s Aerial Blast to hit all enemies at the same time for big damage. Although we found that the best Eikon to equip for this fight is Bahamut.

    Bahamut’s Gigaflare and Flare Breath both deal a lot of damage and can easily hit multiple enemies in a straight line. If you properly line up the aforementioned Bahamut abilities, you’ll rapidly decrease the Mageth Brothers’ health bars. What’s more, Gigaflare drastically slows down time while it’s being used, so there’s almost no risk in unleashing it.

    The Mageth Brothers Hunt Rewards

    The rewards players get for completing the Mageth Brothers hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    After you beat down the Mageth Brothers, you’ll get decent rewards.

    • 5,100 Experience
    • 90 Ability Points
    • 13,000 Gil
    • 30 Renown
    • 2 Meteorites

    The Meteorites you receive aren’t really worth the effort, as you’ll likely have tons of them by now. However, the Experience and Gil you obtain make this hunt useful. You’ll need to level up if you want to get strong enough for the S-rank hunts, like Ruin Reawakened, Pandemonium, and the Breaker of Worlds. As such, doing all the other hunts first is a great way to prepare. Slowly, but surely, you’ll conquer every Hunt Board contract!