Dozmare the griffin's Notorious Mark appearance in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: Dozmare Hunt Location and Rewards

It's time to get rid of a griffin.

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Key Takeaway

Dozmare, the Notorious Mark, is in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. The griffin’s exact location in this region is directly south of the Caer Norvent River Gate. The fastest way to the aerial adversary is to warp to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate obelisk in the Glorieuse area and then head southwest.

If you pick up the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest in Final Fantasy 16, you must do the Dozmare hunt to complete it. When done, you’ll get a rare resource called Scarletite—and more! Conveniently, the Hunt Board points you in the right direction: the Caer Norvent River Gate in Sanbreque.

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    Where to Find Dozmare

    A red circle on the map of the Sanbreque region in Final Fantasy 16 showing where the Dozmare hunt is located.

    The Dozmare hunt becomes available shortly after you begin the main quest called Here Be Monsters and pick up the side quest Blacksmith’s Blues in the Hideaway. After checking the Hunt Board (kupo!) and getting a lead on this griffin’s whereabouts, head to the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and toward the Caer Norvent River Gate.

    For an efficient route to this flying rogue, warp to the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate obelisk in the Glorieuse area. Next, turn southwest and pass through the fast-travel border to reach the Caer Norvent River Gate on the other side.

    From there, venture south and you’ll find Dozmare lurking on a wall. For reference, we’ve marked Dozmare’s exact location in the map image above with a red circle.

    How to Beat Dozmare

    Clive attacking a semi-staggered griffin named Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16.

    Dozmare is at level 28, so, if you’re below this level, you may find this fight a bit tricky. Although—with the proper tactics—you’ll still triumph over this winged terror. Pay attention to Dozmare’s movements to avoid its attacks and then capitalize on every window of opportunity to deal damage!

    Here’s what to expect when going toe-to-claw with the gore-loving griffin:

    • Melee: After rearing up briefly, Dozmare quickly leaps forward at you with its claws outstretched. Sidestep immediately by dodging to the right or left if you see the griffin about to do this. When timed correctly, you’ll do a precision dodge—which lets you follow up with a precision counter for easy damage.
    There’s a variant of this melee attack where Dozmare does not rear up and attacks with its beak. This lesser pounce deals less damage but is also harder to see coming. With that said, the method for avoiding this attack is the same as mentioned above.
    • Wind Blast: Dozmare can shoot a small green projectile from its mouth. This projectile is fast but has no homing. You should be able to avoid it even without dodging as long as you stay on the move.
    • Dive Bomb: When Dozmare swiftly soars high up into the air, it’ll soon come crashing down on your head. The moment the aerial hunter zooms upward, dodge in any direction to avoid this attack.
    • Noble Dive: This ability is one of Dozmare’s stronger attacks. It begins with the griffin spiraling upward while glowing green. Next, Dozmare flies down and slams the ground causing a circular wave of wind energy to emanate from where it lands. Both the monster’s landing and the energy wave deal a lot of damage.
    You may need to dodge twice to avoid both parts of the Noble Dive attack depending on where you are. Spamming the dodge button is a viable option if you aren’t confident about your dodge timing.
    • Hurricane Gale: Sometimes Dozmare floats slightly above the ground briefly as winds whip around beneath it. After a couple of seconds, a strong gust blows outward from this windy circle. This attack damages you a bit and pushes you back. You can avoid both effects by staying out of the grayish circle.

    Dozmare is quite agile despite its relatively large size, which makes keeping up with it difficult if you want to land melee attacks. In this regard, fighting Dozmare is similar to fighting other strong airborne adversaries like Aruna and Ahriman. We recommend making frequent use of Clive’s Phoenix Shift to close the gap between you and your foe.

    Also, whenever Dozmare drops just below 50% of its stagger gauge, use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to force it from partially staggered to fully staggered for a brief time. This makes it easier to score a lot of big hits.

    The Dozmare Hunt Rewards

    Rewards for completing the Dozmare hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ll get some solid rewards for completing the Dozmare hunt—particularly in the rare resource department.

    • 747 Experience
    • 55 Ability Points
    • 11,475 Gil
    • 20 Renown
    • 1 Scarletite
    • 1 Meteorite

    While all of the above rewards are worth the time to get, the most important of them is the Scarletite. This resource is very rare; there are only a handful of these precious metals in the entire game. You’ll need Scarletite to create Drakeslayer armor and the legendary Excalibur—arguably the best gear in Final Fantasy 16. Don’t pass up the chance to get better pieces of equipment, as you’ll want them when tracking down S-rank Hunt Board targets.