The Blood Moon from Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Blood Moon Hunt Location and Rewards

Terraria's not the only game with a Blood Moon...

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Key Takeaway

You’ll find Terminus, the Blood Moon, within the region of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque called the Crock. This little area is found south of The Dragon’s Aery obelisk. The Blood Moon only appears here after you’ve started the Brotherhood main quest.

Start from the Dragon’s Aery obelisk and travel south. Stick to the southeast and you’ll find an open gate. Pass through this gate, keep heading southward, and take a northward turn just before you reach the village at the end of this path.

The Blood Moon hunt, where you’ll track down the round and terrible Terminus, is an interesting objective from the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16. Its drops are nothing to write home about. However, the Renown and Gil you receive for slaying it make this hunt worthwhile.

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    Where to Find Terminus, the Blood Moon

    The Location of Final Fantasy 16's Blood Moon hunt in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

    Terminus, the Blood Moon, is found in the Crock. This is a small area found south of the Dragon’s Aery obelisk in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.

    The Blood Moon only appears here after you’ve started the Brotherhood main quest. To get to the Crock, start from the Dragon’s Aery obelisk and head south. Stick to the southeast and you’ll find an open gate.

    Pass through this gate then keep going south until you approach the entrance to a small village. Just before you reach the village’s entrance, take a northeast turn and continue along a thin path—which takes you to the Crock. Once you get to the clearing north of here, you’ll find the Blood Moon.

    Check out the image above for Terminus’s exact location. If this locale looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same spot where you may have fought the Bomb King during a previous hunt.

    How to Beat Terminus, the Blood Moon

    The Blood Moon firing a laser beam in Final Fantasy 16.

    You’ve faced this enemy type before during a main quest. This means its attacks will be somewhat familiar to you, which, in turn, makes for an easier encounter. However, do not underestimate this shocking sphere. It still has a significant health pool and can hit pretty hard. This Notorious Mark is at Level 40 and is classified as A-rank. It’s one of the easier A-rank marks in the Hunt Board, but you should still take this battle seriously.

    • Lighting Bolts: When the Blood Moon separates its top and bottom half, it reveals a ball of lightning inside as its entire body becomes covered with lightning. If you see this, dodge or run immediately to the left or right. Terminus fires five to six small bolts of electricity. You can safely begin attacking the Blood Moon once you’re beside it and away from the bolts.
    • Clamp Combo: During this assault, Terminus separates its body into two halves to attack multiple times. It positions both of its halves on either side of you as it generates electricity in the middle. If you’re standing directly between the two halves, the Blood Moon will damage you as it puts itself together again.
    Be sure to dodge or stay away from the two halves. It will do this attack three times. After the third time, it generates electricity from its body before causing a massive explosion. Stay far away from its area or dodge just as the explosion happens to correctly evade it.
    • Laser Beam: The Blood Moon can also fire an energy beam at you, which you can avoid by dodging through the river of power. It rotates during this attack but stays in place. This gives you ample time to counterattack.
    • Short Circuit: The Blood Moon starts doing this attack once its health reaches below 50%. It utilizes every one of its guns to fire laser beams around itself. You can avoid this by dodging away as each laser beam gets close to you. Wait for it to stop performing this deadly light show before closing in to attack.
    • Hypersurge: This is another attack this boss does when its health reaches under 50%. The Blood Moon covers itself with electricity before slamming to the ground, causing a surge of energy in a wide circle around itself. It usually does this around three times before stopping.
    Aside from these, the Blood Moon occasionally dashes toward you to dish out some damaging rolling tackles. Terminus briefly glows twice and hovers in the air before beginning this attack. When you see it light up the second time, dodge immediately to the left or right to get out of harm’s way.

    The Blood Moon can be quite slow between attacks. Take advantage of this by making use of abilities that can be charged for greater damage. This includes Titan’s Windup and Shiva’s Ice Age.

    Once this enemy’s health reaches below 50%, it’s a good idea to deal damage to it from afar—especially when it does its Short Circuit and Hypersurge attacks. Use abilities such as Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth, Ramuh’s Judgment Bolt, and Bahamut’s Gigaflare during the final phase of the fight.

    The Blood Moon Hunt Rewards

    The rewards for defeating the Blood Moon in Final Fantasy 16.

    After you defeat Terminus during the Blood Moon hunt, you’ll receive the following as rewards:

    • 3,200 Experience
    • 85 Ability Points
    • 9,800 Gil
    • 35 Renown
    • 2 Meteorites

    These are fairly common rewards, but they’re still useful if you want Clive to become as powerful as he can. Besides, you’ll need every possible advantage when fighting the more powerful Notorious Marks that Final Fantasy 16 has in store for you. For example, the Dread Comet and the Breaker of Worlds are two such powerful foes. Try facing these fiends next!