Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Red XIII with a Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Get All Chocobo Mounts

These birds may be different colors, but they all Kweh the same.

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Key Takeaway

There are six unique Chocobo mounts to tame in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. These include:

  • Yellow Chocobo (Grasslands)
  • Grey Chocobo (Junon)
  • Orange Chocobo (Corel)
  • Green Chocobo (Gongaga)
  • Aqua Chocobo (Cosmo Canyon)
  • Blue Chocobo (Nibel)

Chocobo mounts can move across the map quickly and can sniff out buried treasure. They also have abilities suitable for overcoming difficult terrain in each particular region.

Riding Chocobo mounts is the fastest way to get around in FF7 Rebirth. Every region has its own colorful Chocobo variant that you’ll need to catch, and each of the six types has a unique ability that makes it much easier to traverse specific terrain.

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    About Chocobos in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

    Chocobo mounts appear throughout the Final Fantasy series. These oversized birds make perfect steeds, capable of carrying characters across vast distances quickly. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, they are also capable of sniffing out hidden treasure as you explore the expansive world map.

    Rather than relying on a single Chocobo during your adventure, you’ll be tasked with taming a different one in each of Rebirth’s regions. Don’t worry—riding them is much easier than tracking them down.

    There are six total Chocobo mounts to catch in FF7 Rebirth. Along with being different colors, these birds bring different abilities to help you traverse unique tough terrain in each area without breaking a sweat.

    Grasslands Chocobo

    Cloud catching the Grasslands Chocobo mount in FF7 Rebirth.

    The base Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the standard Yellow variation. You won’t have to go out of your way to find this mount since it’s part of the main story. 

    After arriving at Bill’s Ranch, you’ll be tasked with catching the stubborn Piko who has escaped the stables yet again. You’ll need to sneak up on him and wrangle him successfully to tame him, allowing him to be summoned at any point during your travels across the Grasslands.

    Sneaking is an important mechanic that will come up again when snagging other Chocobo, so take your time getting used to the basics. Stick to the tall grass to stay out of sight and toss rocks to distract other nearby Chocobo. 

    Junon Chocobo

    Cloud catching the Junon Chocobo mount in FF7 Rebirth.

    The mountainous Junon region is difficult to traverse without a suitable feathered friend. The Grey Chocobo found here are very good climbers, so adding one to your party quickly is key. Visit the ranch just outside of Junon to find Belle, another Chocobo to be tamed.

    Use the mine carts to stay out of sight while using rocks to draw the attention of any birds threatening to find your hiding spot. If you get stuck without any cover, use the mine cart switch to trigger a moving cart and stick behind it until you reach your target. 

    Corel Chocobo

    Cloud catching the Corel Chocobo mount in FF7 Rebirth.

    Thankfully, you don’t need to rely on stealth to snag this Orange Chocobo.

    Make your way through the story quests in Costa del Sol. Once completed, you can rent a local Chocobo at the Rent-a-Bird stables near the city’s exit. There’s no difficult terrain to scale around the beach, so this is just your standard Chocobo.

    Gongaga Chocobo

    Tifa riding the green Gongaga Chocobo mount in FF7 Rebirth.

    The Gongaga region consists of steep cliffs and thick jungles. The Green Chocobo native to the region makes it much easier to explore, and luckily, you’ll be gifted one of these handy feathered friends for progressing through the main story.

    Green Chocobo can glide for short distances and can bounce on mushroom platforms to reach higher peaks. They can also skate along tree branches.

    Cosmo Canyon Chocobo

    Cloud catching the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo.

    Once in Cosmo Canyon, travel a short distance north of the Activation Intel Tower 1 to find the aqua Chocobo. 

    Similar to the Junon Chocobo, you’ll need to use a cart to hide from this big bird if you want to capture it successfully. To make things more difficult, you’ll need to push the cart along the rails while also hiding behind it when the Chocobo is about to look in your direction.

    Nibel Chocobo

    Cloud catching the Nibelheim Chocobo.

    Just south of the Nibel Airstrip, you’ll find the final Chocobo as part of the Bonds of Trust side quest. As you’d expect, the last one is the toughest to capture.

    Sneak past two Chocobo to reach the top of the cliff. There, you’ll need to attract the Blue Chocobo by tossing some of its favorite treats. Using food isn’t enough, however—you also need to make sure that the bird doesn’t run into any cacti as it makes its way towards you. 

    When in a body of water, this Chocobo can leap high in the air by firing a stream of water from its claws.

    Riding a Chocobo across the sprawling landscapes of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth with your party members by your side is a nostalgic delight. Baby Chocobo will also appear from time to time to lead you to unlockable fast travel points, so never underestimate how useful these cute critters can be!

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