Cloud helping to repair a Chocobo Stop alongside a baby Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: How to Fast Travel

Cut down on your total steps and save your party's stamina for battle.

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Key Takeaway

In Chapter 2 of FFVII Rebirth, visit Bill’s Chocobo Ranch and track down Piko. Once the bird is found, chat with Billy and participate in an easy race to unlock fast travel.

Visiting settlements, activating Remnawave Towers, and repairing Chocobo Stops will unlock fast travel points. To repair a Chocobo Stop, follow baby Chocobos found in the wild and lift fallen signposts by approaching them and pressing the Triangle button.

Fast travel across regions can be done at certain parts of the story by speaking with specific NPCs. Upon reaching Chapter 12, players can freely fast travel anywhere by speaking with Cid.

The map in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is vast, so running across it to complete quests isn’t good time management—use fast travel instead! Thankfully, the game implements this transportation system which only requires minimal effort from you to establish. Oh, and it involves adorable baby Chocobos.

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    The Basics of Fast Travel in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

    As with many open-world games, you’ll need to unlock waypoints before being able to fast travel to particular areas. After all, you can’t hope to spontaneously appear in a place you’ve never visited before. Exploration is key.

    In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you can both fast-travel within a particular region and to another region entirely. However, the ability to zip around the map at will isn’t immediately available upon starting the game. First, you’ll need to get out of Midgar and begin your journey across Gaia.

    How to Unlock Fast Travel

    You’ll need to progress through the game’s main story quests to unlock the ability to travel fast in the first place.

    During Chapter 2, visit Bill’s Chocobo Ranch to unlock fast travel. Here, you’ll be asked to track down a stubborn Chocobo named Piko. After capturing Piko, speak to Billy to take part in a quick race around the ranch on Chocoback. After crossing the finish line, fast travel will officially be unlocked!

    Once you have a specific settlement, Chocobo Stop, or Remnawave Tower unlocked, bring up the map with the Touchpad and select the area’s icon with the X button. If you’re able to fast travel to that location, you can select either Walk or Chocobo.

    The map in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth highlighting a Chocobo Stop players can fast travel to.

    Choosing Walk will cause you to spawn on foot while selecting Chocobo will ensure you’re already riding your trusty bird once you arrive.

    Each regional and cross-region fast travel trip costs 300 gil.

    Fast Travel Within a Region

    As you venture across the map, you’ll occasionally spot an adorable baby Chocobo. Follow these cute creatures to find a broken-down Chocobo Stop.

    On the ground beside each structure, you’ll find a signpost lying on the ground. Approach it and press the Triangle button to prop up the signpost and repair the Chocobo Stop. Repairing Chocobo Stops unlocks them as fast travel points.

    A baby Chocobo looking at a repaired Chocobo Stop in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

    Additionally, repairing a Chocobo Stop rewards you with a Golden Plume. These can be spent on Chocobo Cosmetics later in the game.

    At repaired Chocobo Stops, you can use a Cushion to rest and replenish your party’s HP and MP.

    Fast Traveling to Another Region

    Fast traveling across regions is a bit more in-depth and requires more story progression to unlock. Depending on where you are in the story, regional fast travel may be locked for a while. However, starting from Chapter 12, you can fast travel to any region for free with the help of Cid’s airship.

    The world map in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

    You can’t fast travel to other regions by bringing up the map. Instead, you must speak to specific NPCs found in designated spots around the world. Refer to the table below.

    LocationHow to Fast Travel
    GrasslandsSpeak to the Ranch Hand at Bill's Chocobo Ranch
    JunonSpeak to the Ranch Hand at Gabe's Ranch
    Under JunonSpeak to the Ferry Attendant at the Ferryboat Dock
    Costa Del SolSpeak to the Ferry Attendant at the Ferryboat Dock
    CorelCall Cid using the phone at the Corel Airstrip
    GongagaCall Cid using the phone at the Gongaga Airstrip
    Cosmo CanyonCall Cid using the phone at the Cosmo Canyon Airstrip
    NibelCall Cid using the phone at the Nibel Airstrip

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is packed with side-quests and mini-games spread across its enormous map, making fast travel a necessity rather than a bonus. Follow the baby Chocobos when you can, and pro-tip—you can pet them once your work on the Chocobo Stop is done. There’s a lot more to FFVII characters than meets the eye. Who knew Cloud was such a softie?

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