Final Fantasy X: Every Character’s Age, Height, and Occupation

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Final Fantasy X’s emotional tale is not complete without its unforgettable cast. In this article, you can find crucial information on every notable character in the game, as well as additional information on all of the main characters.

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    Final Fantasy X Character Information Table

    You can find every noteworthy character’s age, height, occupation, and Overdrive where known and applicable in the table below.

    NameAge HeightOccupationOverdrive
    Blitzball Player,
    (161 cm)

    SummonerGrand Summon
    (183 cm)

    Warrior Monk,
    Blitzball Captain,
    (167 cm)
    (158 cm)
    Sphere Hunter,
    Kimahri Ronso256'8"
    (204 cm)
    GuardianRonso Rage
    Seymour Guado286'1"
    (187 cm)
    Maester of YevonRequiem
    Jechtn/an/aBlitzball PlayerUltimate Jecht Shot
    Cid37n/aCaptain of the Farenheitn/a
    Yunalescan/an/aThe first Summonern/a
    Yo Mika99n/aGrand Maester of Yevonn/a
    Wen Kinocn/an/aMaester of Yevon,
    Leader of the Warrior Monks
    Kelk Ronson/an/aMaester of Yevon,
    Ronso Elder,
    Minister of Civil Affairs
    Biran Ronson/an/aMember of the Ronson/a
    Yenke Ronson/an/aMember of the Ronson/a
    Jyscal Guadon/an/aMaester of Yevonn/a
    Blitzball Player
    Yu Yevonn/an/aLeader of Zanarkandn/a

    Final Fantasy X Main Characters

    Below you can find additional information on all of the main characters in the game. Beware of potential spoilers, as this section makes allusions to important events in Final Fantasy X. Do not read on if you wish to experience events of the story completely uninitiated.


    Concept art for Tidus by Tetsuya Nomura

    Tidus is the self-proclaimed “Star-player of the Zanarkand Abes”, a Blitzball team hailing from the mystical city of Zanarkand. In the beginning, he is confident, often to the point of arrogance. However, after meeting Auron, he is quickly uprooted from his home city and transported to Spira. Here, he meets the rest of the cast. The people of Spira struggle to believe he is from Zanarkand. That is, everyone except Yuna, who reveals that Tidus’s father, Jecht came to Spira as well.

    Jecht and Tidus have something of a troubled relationship. Tidus regards Jecht as selfish and vain. However, Yuna’s account of him is very different and she reveals that Jecht joined her father as guardian on his pilgrimage. Over the course of the game, Tidus realizes that his relationship with his father is more complex than he realized.

    Early on in the game, Tidus becomes Yuna’s guardian and the two become close. Though both struggle to grapple with their own responsibilities and inherited legacies, they find respite and acceptance in the other. What’s more, Tidus shows the other guardians that there is more to doing the right thing than just following the teachings of Yevon.


    Concept art for Yuna by Tetsuya Nomura

    Yuna is a summoner and is the daughter of High Summoner, Lord Braska. She must follow in her father’s footsteps and undertake the pilgrimage to the ancient city of Zanarkand in order to defeat Sin. Like all summoners, she does not make this journey alone. Instead, she brings her Guardians with her to protect her.

    Wakka and Lulu are among the first to become Yuna’s guardians. They are more like her older siblings, offering her advice and guidance at every turn. Kimahri has loyally protected Yuna since she was very young and is also her guardian at the start of the game. Auron becomes Yuna’s guardian early on, just as he was a guardian for Lord Braska on his pilgrimage.  Later on

    Tidus becomes her guardian early on and the two become romantically involved with one another. With Tidus’s influence, Yuna comes to learn that there is far more to her than the expectation and responsibilities put on her by others. Eventually, she and the others also come to learn what the true cost of defeating Sin is.


    Concept art for Auron by Tetsuya Nomura

    Auron is a mysterious former monk who watches over Tidus from the sidelines. He begins the game by taking Tidus from Zanarkand to Spira. Later on, he becomes one of Yuna’s guardian’s during her pilgrimage. Auron has a history with Maester Wen Kinoc and Auron and Jecht were guardians to Lord Braska. However, he is sometimes hesitant in discussing this pilgrimage and the rest of his past to the others as he wishes for the others to come to their own conclusions. In time, he reveals to Tidus the truth about him, Lord Braska, and Jecht.



    Concept art for Wakka by Tetsuya Nomura

    Wakka is the Captain of the Besaid Aurochs, a Blitzball team from the village of Besaid. He meets Tidus for the first time when the latter is washed up on the shore. Wakka is warm and friendly to Tidus and offers him insight into Spira’s way of life. He then reveals that Tidus bears a strong resemblance to his late brother Chappu, and proceeds to give Tidus Chappu’s sword, Brotherhood.

    Perhaps because of Chappu, Wakka follows the teachings of Yevon closely. This means he objects to the use of machina and despises the Al Bhed. Over the course of the game, Wakka is forced to face his prejudices and reflect on his initial position.


    Concept Art for Luly by Tetsuya Nomura

    Lulu is Yuna’s guardian and is a close friend to both her and Wakka. Like Wakka, Lulu teaches Tidus about Spira’s customs and the nature of Yuna’s pilgrimage. However, she is considerably more critical than Wakka in her way of teaching. Her aloof demeanor hides a past of grief and sorrow.

    Previously, Lulu was in a romantic relationship with Wakka’s brother Chappu. However, Chappu was killed on one of the crusades against Sin. Additionally, Lulu was a guardian to a summoner long before becoming a guardian for Yuna. However, this first pilgrimage ended in failure. In her current pilgrimage with Yuna, Lulu learns to reconcile with her grief-stricken past.


    Concept art for Rikku by Tetsuya Nomura

    Rikku is an Al Bhed Sphere hunter who travels the world with her Al Bhed family. As an Al Bhed, she does not follow the teachings of Yevon and disapproves of the pilgrimage. In time, it is revealed there is a specific reason for this. Her being an Al Bhed causes contention between her and Wakka as they are forced to confront their differences through various events in the game.

    Her father, Cid, is captain of the airship, the Fahrenheit, and the party uses this later in the game. Cid is Yuna’s uncle, making Rikku Yuna’s cousin. Later on in the game, she joins the rest of the party and assists in Yuna’s pilgrimage.


    Concept art for Kimahri by Tetsuya Nomura

    Kimahri is a fiercely protective guardian of Yuna. He is also a member of the Ronso Tribe, although he was cast out after his horn was broken by Biran. Kimahri is a man of few words, especially around those he distrusts. However, over the course of the game, he opens up and becomes slightly more talkative. Later on, he meets Biran again to settle their dispute once and for all.

    Seymour Guado

    Concept art for Seymour Guado by Tetsuya Nomura

    Seymour is a Maester of Yevon and the half-Guado son of Jyscal Guado. He is first met by the others in Luca, and whilst seemingly friendly and modest, it is soon revealed that there is more to Seymour than it first appears. Seymour and the other Maesters share much influence over Spira. As such, they deem themselves responsible for keeping the people of Spira hopeful with the teachings of Yevon.

    The game shows what lengths they are willing to go to fight the despair brought by Sin. The tragic past of both Seymour’s parents is shown to the party as they continue the pilgrimage. What’s more, Seymour’s own plans and ambitions for Spira and its people are also revealed.


    Concept art for Jecht by Tetsuya Nomura

    Jecht is Tidus’s father and was formerly a star player for the Zanarkand Abes. However, Jecht’s Blitzball career took a nosedive when he began drinking. He is often shown as arrogant and as a bully in Tidus’s memories, often comparing Tidus unfavorably to him and calling him a “crybaby.” However, Yuna’s account of him is very different, as Jecht became Lord Braska’s guardian after he disappeared from Zanarkand. Auron also has his own account and recollections of Jecht as Auron too was Braska’s guardian on their pilgrimage.

    Jecht’s current fate is revealed by Auron to Tidus early on in the game. Tidus initially struggles to reconcile with Jecht’s current fate. Eventually, though, he and the others use the path Jecht paved out to fight Sin, in a way no one has done before.