A Glyptodon in Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Catch a Glyptodon in Island Sanctuary

This spiky specimen isn't the easiest to find.

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Key Takeaway

The Glyptodon spawns between the hours of 12 AM and 3 AM Eorzean Time at X:31, Y:11 regardless of the weather. It can be captured using a Makeshift Restraint.

The Island Sanctuary is a private paradise in Final Fantasy XIV that allows players to catch and raise a number of unique animals. The hulking Glyptodon is a rare creature that will only appear under certain conditions.

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    Which Tool is Needed to Catch a Glyptodon?

    Creatures in the Island Sanctuary are labeled as either small, medium, or large. Depending on their size, you’ll need a certain type of restraint to catch them.

    The Glyptodon is a medium-sized animal, meaning you’ll need a Makeshift Restraint to add it to your pasture. To craft a Makeshift Restraint, you’ll need:

    • 3 Island Hemp
    • 1 Island Copper Ore

    To harvest Island Hemp, you’ll need to have a scythe in your inventory. To unlock the scythe, you’ll need to progress your Island to Level 6. While Island Hemp can be found in many places around your island, one of the best places to harvest it is near the Coral Sands on the east side.

    Island Copper Ore can be harvested using an Islekeep’s Stone Hammer, which you’ll receive during the Island Sanctuary tutorial. Large Island Copper Ore deposits can be found at the north edge of the map as well as near Peak Point in the southeast corner.

    How to Catch a Glyptodon

    The Glyptodon can only be found in a particular spot on your island. The coordinates are X:31, Y:11.

    The location is marked in red on the map below.

    A map marked with the location of the Glyptodon in Final Fantasy XIV's Island Sanctuary.

    Make sure to click the Capture button and ensure that the Makeshift Restraint is selected before venturing to this spot on the map.

    The Glyptodon will only appear from the hours of 12 AM to 3 AM Eorzean Time. It will appear during any kind of weather.

    While trying not to alert the beast, right-click the beast to capture it. If you’re successful, the Glyptodon will be transported to your pasture. By giving it food and attention each day, you can expect a Sanctuary Claw or a Sanctuary Carapace as a daily reward. These can be used in crafting.