Final Fantasy XIV: How to Catch a Twinklefleece in Island Sanctuary

This little fuzzball can be a real pain in the neck to find.
A Twinklefleece in Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV.

Key Takeaway

The Twinklefleece can be found at X:22, Y:20 from 6 PM to 9 PM Eorzean Time and can be caught with a Makeshift Net. It will only appear during foggy weather.

Island Sanctuary, added to Final Fantasy XIV in Patch 6.2, introduced a private paradise filled with creatures to discover. The rare and freakishly fluffy Twinklefleece is tricky to find, requiring certain weather conditions and timing to catch.

Table Of Contents

    Which Tool is Needed to Catch a Twinklefleece?

    Depending on the size of the creature you’re after, you’ll need a specific restraint. While the Twinklefleece is extremely rare, you’ll still only need a Makeshift Net to capture it. The Makeshift Net is the first restraint you’ll learn to craft during the Island Sanctuary tutorial and is used to snag small animals.

    The ingredients required are:

    • 1 Island Branch
    • 2 Island Vines

    These common items can be found all over your island.

    How to Catch a Twinklefleece

    The Twinklefleece can be found at X:22, Y:20 in the center of your island. See the location marked on the map below.

    A map marked with the location of the Twinklefleece in Final Fantasy XIV's Island Sanctuary.

    The monster will only appear between 6 PM and 9 PM Eorzean Time during a foggy evening. If you’re not sure about the current weather, hover over the small weather icon located next to the minimap.

    After you’ve crafted the Makeshift Net, switch to Capture mode using the Island Sanctuary HUD and make sure it’s selected. Sneak up behind the Twinklefleece and right-click to attempt to capture it. If you’re successful, it will be instantly transported to your pasture.

    By feeding your Twinklefleece each day, you’ll be rewarded with Sanctuary Fleece. Occasionally, it will also give you Sanctuary Fur. Both of these are used in crafting.