Starting the Song of the Sands favor.

God of War Ragnarök: Song of the Sands Favor Guide

You won't be able to fully explore The Forbidden Sands until you complete this favor. Be sure not to miss it.

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The Song of the Sands favor in God of War Ragnarök is important for Alfheim. Completing this clears up the storm over the second half of the Alfheim desert. Do this to have access to more quests and items.

Table Of Contents

    Starting the Quest

    You won’t be able to do this quest until your chisel becomes enchanted. This only happens after you complete The Reckoning main quest in Vanaheim.

    Once this mission has been completed, you can head to The Barrens in Alfheim. Do note that you’ll first need to complete the Secret of the Sands favor to clear the storm over The Barrens before you can explore this region. Once cleared, approach the magically sealed gate on the western section of the region. With the newly-enchanted chisel, you’ll be able to interact with the lock next to the gate to open it.

    Proceed through the gate, pass through The Hjarta, and then you’ll arrive at a sandstorm-covered Forbidden Sands. Traversing through this desert will be difficult since you won’t be able to see anything due to the storm.

    Keep heading northwest for now and you’ll find a cave opening with two torches on pillars on either side of the entrance. A companion will point out whether you’re at the correct cave entrance. The favor will officially begin when you approach the cave entrance.

    The entrance to The Burrows in God of War Ragnarok.

    Navigating the Cave

    Descend the cave and continue forward. Destroy the barricade barring the entrance with a Sonic Arrow to push on. With that, you’ll have officially entered The Burrows.

    Once inside, you’ll see two paths you can take. You can either zip over to the left or take the path ahead of you. For now, disregard the path on the left and zip towards the path directly across the entrance. Continue forward and drop to the ground below.

    Look over to the hole in the wall on the left up ahead. You’ll see hive matter that’s covered by a sonic blanket. Shoot a Sonic Arrow at it to force the hive matter open. Once opened, you’ll see a barricade that’s also breakable with a Sonic Arrow. Fire another Sonic Arrow at it to destroy it.

    A sonic-covered hive matter in The Burrows during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Once done, head to the right, zip over to the wall, and zip towards the ledge ahead where the sonic barricade used to be. Continue forward and zip once again to the wall across the ledge you’re on. Look to the right to find a coffin on a ledge. Grapple towards here first to open the coffin and pick up the loot inside.

    From here, head to the right and grapple onto the wall ahead. Climb to the right until you grapple yet again to zip over to another area ahead. Walk forward until you’re facing a hive matter and a twilight stone on the ground before it. Throw your axe at the twilight stone, and it will bounce onto the hive matter. This will destroy it and open the path ahead.

    Throwing the axe at a twilight stone during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Going Deeper Into The Burrows

    Drop down to the ground below. Turn around, and you’ll find a chest. Before you can break this open to get the loot inside, though, you’ll first need to deal with the Wretches here. Run towards the end of this path to find the Wretch hive. Destroy the hive to eliminate the Wretches. You can now return to the chest and loot the Hacksilver inside.

    Continue forward and zip onto the ledge above. You’ll find a handful of Grims in this next area. Defeat all of them, then interact with Rune Read on the wall to the left. Once that’s done, continue to the north and squeeze through the narrow gap in the wall to continue to the next area.

    Kratos facing a narrow gap in The Burrows.

    As soon as you’re in the next area, look to the left, beyond the hole in the wall, and you’ll spot a coffin behind a thick hive matter. Behind the coffin is a large elven ornament you can turn by hitting the turnstiles on it. Turn it until the twilight stone on its surface is facing the hive matter. Throw your axe at it to destroy the hive matter barring the coffin.

    Head to the right, drop down, continue forward, and then head to the left to approach the coffin. Loot it, turn around, and head over to the opening to the left. Zip towards the wall ahead, then once more to the ledge across.

    Walk to the right and turn around to find another sonic-covered hive matter. Fire a Sonic Arrow at it to reveal the twilight stone inside. Throw the axe at it to destroy the thick hive matter to the right.

    Throwing the axe at a twilight stone in The Burrows.

    Once this is done, walk to the right and zip back to the wall above. You’ll find a grappling point where the hive matter used to be. Zip towards this ledge and continue heading forward.

    Getting to the Hafgufa

    Head forward and keep grappling along. Climb down once you’re on the last wall in this cavern. Continue forward and prepare to face a horde of Grims. There will also be Light Elves here, so be ready to deal with them as well. You’ll also find an Ormr here, a small non-hostile lizard that burrows immediately once you approach it. Once killed, these can drop a ton of resources. You won’t be able to kill this yet.

    Once all the enemies in this cavern have been defeated, continue ahead and climb the wall on the southern end. Once at the top, don’t walk forward yet. Turn around and look over to the left. You’ll see a twilight stone on a protruding rock ahead. Throw your axe at it to destroy the hive matter above it.

    Throwing the axe at a twilight stone during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Head back down and approach the area where the hive matter used to be. Grapple onto the wall and climb up from here. Once you’re at the top, zip towards the ledge ahead where you’ll find a Legendary Chest. Open it to pick up the Hel’s Touch Runic Attack for the Leviathan Axe.

    Look over to the right and look down. You’ll be able to kill the Ormr from here by throwing your axe or spear at it. With that, return to the climbable wall to the south and continue onwards.

    The path ahead will then be blocked by hive matter. Head to the lower ground to the left. From here, you’ll be able to position yourself properly so you can destroy the three hive matter bulbs above. Destroy them to clear the hive matter, allowing you to head to the next area where the Hafgufa is.

    Destroying a hive matter in The Burrows.

    Freeing the Hafgufa

    Upon entering the cavern where the Hafgufa is trapped, head to the left and you’ll find a twilight stone on the wall ahead. Throw your axe here to destroy the hive matter above you. Once destroyed, you’ll now be able to zip to the area across.

    From here, face the Hafgufa, and you’ll see three hive matter bulbs. To the left of the bulbs is a sonic-covered hive matter. Fire a Sonic Arrow at it to reveal a twilight stone beneath. Throw your axe at the twilight stone to destroy the bulbs and clear the hive matter.

    Clearing a hive matter during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Zip back to the area to the right and walk up to the end of the path. Then, look to the left and look up. You’ll find two hive bulbs here that are lined up properly so that you can destroy both with one throw.

    Clearing a hive matter during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Once destroyed, zip back once more to the left, face right, and look up. There are two more hive bulbs you’ll need to destroy from here.

    Clearing the last bit of hive matter to free the Hafgufa during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Once done, zip to the right and continue forward. In the next area, you’ll face a couple of Grims and a Bergsra that will spawn Wretches. Once the enemies are defeated, pick up the Pipe artifact on the ground next to the Legendary Chest. Then, loot the chest to receive a Heavy Runic Attack for the Blades of Chaos.

    From here, return to the surface while looting the items and defeating Light Elves along the way. Follow the pin for the favor on your minimap. This will lead you to the area where you’ll need to destroy the last bits of hive matter to completely free the Hafgufa.

    Freeing the Hafgufa during the Song of the Sands favor.

    Once the creature is finally freed, the favor will be completed.