Gleaming Crystals, Shining Crystals, and Sparkling Crystals in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: Where to Find Gleaming Crystals, Shining Crystals, and Sparkling Crystals

There's only one way to earn these resources.

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Key Takeaway

You can get Gleaming Crystals, Shining Crystals, and Sparkling Crystals by tossing Crystalline Shards in the Wishing Well in The Crater.

Gleaming Crystals, Shining Crystals, and Sparkling Crystals are upgrade resources in God of War Ragnarök. These are used to fully upgrade items such as spear handles, shields, and armor pieces. You’ll only need to scour one region for these resources.

Table Of Contents

    Collect Crystalline Shards

    First, you’ll need to collect Crystalline Shards. These resources are scattered all throughout The Crater region in Vanaheim. You can access this region only after completing the Creatures of Prophecy main quest, then doing the Scent of Survival favor right after by following Helka.

    You’ll find Crystalline Shards inside large radiating orange bulbs. There are quite a lot of them in this region, placed at various locations. The best way to find every single one of them is by doing the favors you’ll encounter in The Crater. The path you’ll take while completing them will lead you to Crystalline Shard bulbs.

    The bulbs that contain Crystalline Shards in God of War Ragnarok.

    Destroy these bulbs and loot the items they drop. Upon picking these up, Mimir will comment on their mysterious nature and notes that you should hold on to them. That’s exactly what you should do until you make your way to the Wishing Well.

    Finding the Wishing Well

    The location of the Wishing Well in God of War Ragnarok on the map.

    The Wishing Well is also found in The Crater. To get here, you’ll first need to bring the river back to the region by completing the Return of the River favor. Once done, you’ll be able to traverse the region by boat.

    Make your way to the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway. From here, head east and zip over to the area across. If you haven’t killed the ogres on the island to the southeast yet, they’ll keep hurling boulders at you, which won’t allow you to continue onwards to the Wishing Well. That said, if you haven’t yet killed them, jump onto a boat and make your way to the dock east of the island where the ogres are. Defeat them, then return to the previous area.

    While here, you’ll spot a chain next to a gate. Interact with this chain to open the gate.

    The gate that leads to the Wishing Well in God of War Ragnarok.

    Head inside and keep going forward from here. Once you reach the exit of this tunnel, you’ll arrive at the Wishing Well.

    Approach the pond at the center of this area and destroy the Crystalline Shard bulbs around it. The pond will react to the destruction of the bulbs. A companion will then tell you to “toss” the Crystalline Shards you’ve collected into the bulbs. In return, you’ll receive a handful of resources and an armor set. Among those you’ll receive are Gleaming Crystals, Shining Crystals, and Sparkling Crystals.

    Gleaming Crystal, Shining Cystal, and Sparkling Crystal from the Wishing Well.