Room of Requirement from Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock the Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement might just be one of the most useful areas in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy is a magical place you’ll often revisit, but access is only granted later in the game. Learn how and when to unlock it, along with key information you need to know about it.

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    What Is the Room of Requirement?

    The Room of Requirement is a secret room in Hogwarts that’s said to only appear to those who are in need of it. It’s a seemingly sentient room that will constantly adjust to the student’s needs. In Hogwarts Legacy, the main character uses the Room of Requirement as his base of sorts.

    You’ll be able to do things such as brew potions, grow plants, and later on, create a sanctuary for the animals you rescue in the Room of Requirement. You can also decorate the room by adorning it with furniture, paintings, wall decor, and more.

    How to Get the Room of Requirement

    The door to the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy.

    The Room of Requirement will automatically unlock for you as you progress through the main story. About halfway through the game, you’ll receive a main quest called The Room of Requirement. This is around the same time when you’ll have to complete your first Keeper Trial.

    Simply do the quest, which you can’t miss, and you’ll be led to the Astronomy Tower. See the quest through to the end and you’ll have access to the Room of Requirement moving forward.

    You can then make upgrades to the room by completing a series of side quests involving Deek. You’ll be notified when these quests become available via an Owl from Professor Weasley.

    Item Categories

    As soon as the Room of Requirement becomes available to you, you’ll also learn the Transfiguration spell. This spell allows you to put items in the room. The items in the Room of Requirement range from useful items such as Potion Stations and Potting Tables to simple decorations such as rugs and statues.

    The following are the items you can place in the Room of Requirement.


    Potion Stations from Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are items that allow you to brew potions in the Room of Requirement. Another category of items that fall under Potions is Hopping Pots. These can continuously brew random potions over time. The Potion Stations and Hopping Pots come in different designs and sizes. Some potions can only be brewed on a certain size of Potion Station.


    Potting Tables from Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are items you can use to grow plants. There is a myriad of Potting Tables you can build in your Room of Requirement. Like the items under Potions, they also come in different sizes and designs and some plants require a certain size before they can be used.

    You can also find Composters and Chopping Stations under this category. Composters are used to produce fertilizers while Chopping Stations can generate plant ingredients.


    The Desk of Description from Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are tables that have unique functions. There are only three items that fall under Utility, and one of them comes in different designs.

    You can use the Desk of Description to identify unknown gear. The next item, the Enchanted Loom, can upgrade your gear and give them traits. The last is the Material Refiner, which generates Moonstone.

    Wall Hangings

    Wall Hangings from Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are decorations you can place on the walls of the Room of Requirement. You can generally find them in chests or by completing side quests.


    Rug from Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are decorations you can place on the ground of the Room of Requirement. They can also be found in chests throughout the world.


    Bookcases from Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are mere decorations without no actual functions. However, some can display items and oddities that you collect throughout your journey.


    Decorations from Hogwarts Legacy.

    Other decorative items such as mannequins, standing lights, standing clocks, and banners fall under this category. They’re mainly for decor and have no actual functions.

    Room of Requirement Artwork

    Artwork in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy.

    These are framed artworks of various people, creatures, and places in the Wizarding World that you can hang in the Room of Requirement. The portraits of people also move, just as they’re described and portrayed in the books and movies.


    Footstools around a small table in Hogwarts Legacy.

    Seating items include chairs, footstools, and sofas. These are only decorative since there isn’t an option to sit on them.


    A large desk from Hogwarts Legacy.

    The tables you can build in your room that are under this category come in different sizes and designs. Like the Seating items, these are only decorative and have no proper functions.


    Statues from Hogwarts Legacy.

    Various statues that you can erect in the Room of Requirement. Once again, these are merely for decoration.

    Seasonal Decorations

    Christmas Trees from Hogwarts Legacy.

    As the name dictates, these are decorative items that are holiday-themed. As of writing, there are only two items under this category: the Christmas Tree and the Jack-O-Lanterns.