Sorting Hat from Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: Which House Should You Join?

Are you brave, cunning, intelligent, or loyal?

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Among the many fascinating aspects of Hogwarts is the four houses in it. In Hogwarts Legacy, you have the option to choose which house to be sorted into. While the freedom to choose your house is great, does it even matter?

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    Does the House You Choose Matter?

    Getting sorted into the house of your choosing in Hogwarts Legacy adds a level of immersion that’s sure to satisfy die-hard Harry Potter fans and casual gamers alike. However, the house you choose doesn’t really affect the story as a whole.

    The progression of the game’s story, the most important beats, and the ending remain the same regardless of which house you get sorted into. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any differences at all, minor as they may be.

    Different Common Rooms

    When you get sorted into a house in Hogwarts, you also gain access to their common room. You can explore these common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Of course, the common room you can explore will depend on the house you get sorted into. This is one of the unique experiences you can have in regard to choosing houses.

    Gryffindor Common Room

    The Gryffindor common room from Hogwarts Legacy.

    The Gryffindor common room is perhaps the most recognizable of the four common rooms in Hogwarts, mainly because it was prominently featured in the movies. However, like the other common rooms, the Gryffindor common room looks grander and more spacious. This is because the game adheres to the designs of the rooms as they were described in the books rather than how they were shown in the films.

    The Gryffindor common room is located in the Faculty Tower. Its tunnel entrance is guarded by the portrait of the Fat Lady. The common room fully embraces a red motif and it is adorned with portraits, banners, and suits of armor.

    Slytherin Common Room

    The Slytherin common room from Hogwarts Legacy.

    The Slytherin common room is located at the very bottom of the Grand Staircase. Those who are not from Slytherin will only find a bare wall when they approach the common room entrance. Otherwise, a huge snake will slither from the ground and crawl on the wall as the door materializes under it.

    You’ll find plenty of animal skeletons and heads mounted on walls in the Slytherin common room, as well as the statue of a Kelpie. Its most impressive aspect is it offers an underwater view of the Black Lake. In fact, the giant squid in the lake will occasionally tap the window with its tentacle if you hit the window with a basic cast.

    Ravenclaw Common Room

    The Ravenclaw common room.

    The Ravenclaw common room is located on the fourth floor of the Grand Staircase, making it the highest-positioned common room. True to the nature of the house, a Ravenclaw student must first answer a riddle for its raven-guarded door to open. Once inside, you’ll find multiple bookcases, desks, and telescopes all over the room. Its ceiling follows an astronomical theme with its stars and constellations design.

    The Ravenclaw common room is the tallest common room in Hogwarts. It has multiple floors and it even has a balcony. What’s awesome about this balcony is that you can use your flying broom on here. This means you can directly enter the common room, as long as you’re a Ravenclaw student, from the skies outside Hogwarts. Conversely, you can also leave Hogwarts on a broom from this balcony.

    Hufflepuff Common Room

    The Hufflepuff common room.

    The Hufflepuff common room is located near the kitchens in the Great Hall. To enter the room, a Hufflepuff student must tap barrels in a proper rhythm. Once inside, you’ll find the coziest, warmest, and most inviting common room in Hogwarts.

    You’ll find plenty of plants on pots and crawling on the walls in the Hufflepuff common room, which makes sense given the house’s affinity with Herbology. The overall theme and look of the common room is akin to that of a treehouse. This is a contrast to the heavy stonework design of the other common rooms.

    House-Exclusive Quests

    As you progress through the main story, you’ll receive a quest where you’ll need to find missing pages for the Keepers’ book. This section of the story happens after you collect the book from the Restricted Section of the library.

    The quest that follows depends on which house you belong to. The place you’ll go to, the item you’ll have to retrieve, and the NPC that will give you the quest will depend on your house. However, they all lead to the book’s missing pages and a ghost named Richard Jackdaw.

    Gryffindor: The Hunt for the Missing Pages

    Nearly Headless Nick from Hogwarts Legacy.

    If you’re a Gryffindor, the quest you’ll do is The Hunt for the Missing Pages. This quest will take you on an adventure with Nearly Headless Nick, a ghost movie and book fans are surely familiar with. Along with Nearly Headless Nick, you’ll explore Hogwart’s kitchens and pumpkin fields near Hogsmeade. This quest will also introduce you to the Headless Hunt.

    Slytherin: Scrope’s Last Hope

    Apollonia Black's grotto in Hogwarts Legacy.

    The Slytherin house-exclusive quest is called Scrope’s Last Hope. Scrope is the house elf of the Blacks, which means he is the current house elf of the headmaster during the events of the game. Scrope will take you on a scavenger hunt which will lead you to Appolonia Black’s grotto.

    Ravenclaw: Ollivander’s Heirloom

    The Owlery in Hogwarts Legacy.

    The Ollivander’s Heirloom quest is exclusive to Ravenclaw. The Ollivanders are the wand experts in the Wizarding World. With this quest, Ollivander will ask you to track down an heirloom, which will then take you to the Owlery.

    Hufflepuff: Prisoner of Love

    Dementors in Hogwarts Legacy.

    The house-exclusive quest for Hufflepuff is perhaps the most interesting, especially if you enjoyed the Harry Potter movies. This quest will have you solve an old murder mystery. You’ll then meet a former Auror who’ll take you to Azkaban, the infamous prison mentioned and shown in the Harry Potter books and movies.