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How to Evolve Sliggoo in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

To evolve Sliggoo into Goodra, you’ll need to first get your Sliggoo to level 50. Next, all you need to do is have them in your party while it’s raining or foggy. During such conditions, you’ll be able to evolve your level 50 (or higher) Sliggoo from your party menu.

Although Sliggoo has a new Hisuian form in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the method of evolving them remains similar to that in other Pokémon games. Therefore, you’ll need to rely on the weather. Thankfully, you can force the weather to change.

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    How to Change the Weather in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    A player in red clothes standing in the rain while outstretching their hand to feel the rain drops.

    To force certain weather conditions to occur, you can fast-forward to the next day. You can do this by resting at a camp in any area. Keep resting until the next day, and you’ll eventually force the weather condition you want to happen.

    Thankfully, weather conditions always seem to change right when the day starts. Therefore, you’ll know if it is raining or foggy the moment you get out of your comfy camp bed.

    Weather Conditions Required for Sliggoo to Evolve

    Sliggoo can only evolve while it’s raining or foggy—just like in other mainline Pokémon games. Besides this, the only other requirement is that your Sliggoo needs to be at level 50 or higher.

    When these conditions are met, head into your party menu to find Sliggoo’s Poké Ball glowing yellow. There will also be an “Evolve” prompt at the top of the screen. Simply select Sliggoo and choose the “Evolve” option to trigger the transformation into Goodra.

    You might assume that Hisuian Sliggoo and Hisuian Goodra being part Steel-type would alter their evolution method a bit. But, thankfully, that is not the case, seeing as how there isn’t a metallic weather condition.

    Where to Find a Level 50 Sliggoo

    A player throwing a pokéball at an alpha Hisuian Sliggoo to initiate a battle with it.

    Conveniently, you can find a level 50 Sliggoo relatively early in your Hisuian adventures. Within the Crimson Mirelands, in the section called the Holm of Trials, you can find an alpha Sliggoo at level 50. This powerful draconic snail will be in the eastern part of the Holm of Trials—on a tiny inland island surrounded by Goomy.

    Theoretically, if it’s raining or foggy while you catch this alpha Sliggoo, you can get a powerful Goodra pretty much instantly! Since both Dragon-type and Steel-type Pokémon are relatively rare, this can be a great opportunity to round out your party with a defensively strong ally.

    Reasons to Use Hisuian Goodra On Your Team

    A Hisuian form Goodra standing in the rain near a pond in the Crimson Mirelands.

    Hisuian Goodra is an even better special wall than regular Goodra—which was already a bulky defender. The base stat total of each form is the same, however, due to some slight stat shifts and Hisuian Goodra’s partial Steel-typing, there’s a notable difference. Plus, there’s Hisuian Goodra’s excellent move pool to consider.

    The Stat Differences Between Regular Goodra and Hisuian Goodra

    The main difference between regular Goodra and Hisuian Goodra’s stats is the difference in Defense and Speed. Regular Goodra is slightly faster, however, Hisuian Goodra’s Speed stat is lower due to some of its base stat points being shifted to Defense. Also, Hisuian Goodra has a bit fewer base stat points in the HP department to further bulk up its Defense stat.

    All of this results in Hisuian Goodra having better stats for a defensive Pokémon than regular Goodra. Let’s face it, a slight drop in Speed doesn’t harm Goodra’s viability at all, as it was already unlikely to outspeed many opponents. Furthermore, the tiny drop in base HP will hardly make a difference either.

    Overall, you can use Hisuian Goodra on your team as a very versatile wall that can pack a punch due to decent offensive stats. With its especially high Special Defense, almost no specially-oriented opponent will be able to take down your Goodra (unless your foe is at a way higher level).

    Why Being Part Steel-Type Makes Goodra Better

    While being pure Dragon-type isn’t too bad defensively, it’s not that great either. Such Pokémon have four resistances and only three weaknesses—being affected normally by all other types.

    Although, when Dragon-typing gets combined with Steel-typing, their traits overlap and excellently complement each other. Hisuian Goodra, with its dual-typing, is resistant to nine types and immune to one. Furthermore, they only have two weaknesses. As you can imagine, this makes it easy for Hisuian Goodra to wall anything that doesn’t have a powerful Fighting or Ground-type, damage-dealing move.

    Hisuian Goodra’s Amazing Move Pool

    Like many Dragon-type Pokémon, Goodra has access to a lot of viable damage-dealing moves. However, Hisuian Goodra also gets an awesome signature status move as well as access to solid Steel-type ones.

    Firstly, in terms of offense, Goodra can go down either the physical or special path equally well. This is due to their Attack and Special Attack stats being about even (with Special Attack usually being slightly higher). On top of that, Goodra can learn many useful physical and special damage-dealing moves respectively, so you can’t really go wrong with choosing an offensive style for them.

    Here are some of Hisuian Goodra’s best physical damage-dealing moves:

    • Iron Head [80 base power – Steel-type] (learned at level 25)
    • Fire Punch [75 base power – Fire-type] (move tutor)
    • Thunder Punch [75 base power – Electric-type] (move tutor)
    • Rock Slide [75 base power – Rock-type] (move tutor)
    • Iron Tail [100 base power – Steel-type] (move tutor)
    • Giga Impact [120 base power – Normal-type] (move tutor)
    • Outrage [90 base power – Dragon-type] (move tutor)

    The following are some of Hisuian Goodra’s best special damage-dealing moves:

    • Dragon Pulse [80 base power – Dragon-type] (learned at level 25)
    • Hydro Pump [100 base power – Water-type] (learned at level 25)
    • Sludge Bomb [80 base power – Poison-type] (move tutor)
    • Hyper Beam [120 base power – Normal-type] (move tutor)
    • Flamethrower [80 base power – Fire-type] (move tutor)
    • Thunderbolt [80 base power – Electric-type] (move tutor)
    • Ice Beam [80 base power – Ice-type] (move tutor)
    • Draco Meteor [110 base power – Dragon-type] (move tutor)
    • Steel Beam [120 base power – Steel-type] (move tutor)

    On top of these excellent offensive moves, Hisuian Goodra can also learn viable status moves like Acid Armor and Shelter while leveling up (and Rest from the move tutor). All three of those moves can be useful depending on what niche to need to fill for your party. Although, it’s recommended to only choose one of these status moves while leaving the other three move slots open for damage-dealing moves.