How to Kick in Dark Souls 3.

How to Kick in Dark Souls 3

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The Kick attack is one of the basic combat mechanics you’ll want to master if you plan to make it through Dark Souls 3. However, kicking isn’t the easiest move to get the hang of.

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    How to Kick in Dark Souls 3

    Kicking in Dark Souls 3.

    Kicking in Dark Souls 3 isn’t triggered by just one button. Instead, you’ll need to tilt the left analog stick forward just as you’re pressing the light attack button. Think of this attack as a “variation” of the light attack, and incorporating the left analog stick forward tilt is your way of triggering that attack variation.

    To make it clear, to kick in Dark Souls 3, you need to:

    • For PlayStation control layouts – Left Stick Forward + R1
    • For Xbox control layouts – Left Stick Forward + RB
    • For keyboard + mouse – W + Left Mouse Button

    If you’re new to this series, performing the kick will take a bit of getting used to. You’ll need to push the left analog stick forward and press the light attack button at the same time to trigger this move. In some instances, you might even trigger this attack without trying it. In time, this control will become natural to you.

    This control layout has pretty much been present since Demon’s Souls. Veterans of the series are undoubtedly familiar with this already, but for newcomers to the Souls franchise, this one is for you.

    When to Kick in Dark Souls 3

    Cover of Dark Souls 3.

    Now that you know how to kick in Dark Souls 3, it’s equally as useful to learn when to actually use this move.

    Remember, don’t use kick if your goal is to damage the enemy. You’re pretty much not going to get the damage output you want by using this move. Instead, you’re going to want to use this to break an enemy’s guard.

    Some small enemies in Dark Souls 3 use a shield to block your attacks. Instead of breaking their posture by berating them with your light attacks, make things simpler for you by just trigging the kick attack. This will break their guard completely, leaving them wide open for a clean hit.

    There are also moments in the game where an enemy is placed in front of a cliff, with their backs facing towards you. Slowly go up to these enemies and kick them where they stand. They’ll fly right off the edge, instantly killing them.

    Take note, however, that kicking is pretty much useless against bosses, even those who wield shields. Save this move for smaller enemies.