On the left, the player is making red stained glass panes and on the right, their is a stained glass pane wall that is red, orange, and yellow.

Minecraft: How to Make Stained Glass

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Stained Glass is a colorful kind of decorative block in Minecraft. You can make as many varieties of it as there are colors of dye—16 total. Besides dye, you’ll only need some Glass blocks, which are also easy to make.

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    What You Need to Make Stained Glass

    Using 1 red dye and 8 glass to make 8 red stained glass blocks.

    There are 2 types of Stained Glass you can make. The first kinds are called “Stained Glass” and are full Glass blocks with some color. There are also Stained Glass Panes, which have virtually the same crafting recipe.

    For Stained Glass, you need to put 1 dye of any color on the center slot of a Crafting Table and then surround it with 8 Glass blocks. This recipe will give you 8 Stained Glass blocks of the color of dye you used. You can make 8 Stained Glass Panes of the desired color in the same manner—just swap out the Glass for Glass Panes.

    You can also turn Stained Glass blocks directly into Stained Glass Panes the same way that you can turn Glass blocks into Glass Panes. On a Crafting Table, place 6 Stained Glass blocks on the bottom and middle rows to get 16 Stained Glass Panes of the same color. You’ll be able to make better use of your resources this way as well. Increasing your efficiency means you will spend less time crafting and more time building.

    How to Make Glass Blocks

    All you need to do to make Glass blocks is to cook blocks of Sand in a Furnace. To do so, place blocks of Sand in the top slot of a Furnace and some fuel (such as Coal, Charcoal, or wooden items) in the bottom slot. When the white progress arrow of the Furnace menu fills up, you’ll get 1 Glass block for every 1 Sand block you smelt.

    Where You Can Find Stained Glass

    On top of being able to make your own Stained Glass, you can find some in Villages as well as in End Cities. On occasion, you can spot White and Yellow Stained Glass in Villages. As for in End Cities, you can sometimes encounter Magenta Stained Glass.

    However, you can’t collect Stained Glass or Glass blocks with regular tools. Unenchanted gear can break Glass, but will not cause it to drop as an item. If you want to harvest Stained Glass from the aforementioned locations, you’ll need a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment.

    What Stained Glass Can Be Used For

    A wall made with 3 different colors of stained glass panes; red, orange, and yellow.

    The main use for Stained Glass is as a visually appealing building material. Since there are 16 colors to choose from, the design possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Stained Glass blocks, like the regular kind, let light pass through them. This means that you can use it for the ceiling of a building to allow in natural sunlight and moonlight. Other traits of Glass blocks are present for Stained Glass, making it beautiful and versatile.

    Using Glass and Stained Glass to Prevent Mobs From Spawning

    You can avoid a lot of mobs spawning around an area by placing down Glass or Stained Glass blocks. This is because Glass isn’t an opaque block, which means that it isn’t seen as fully “solid” by the game. For this reason, you may find it useful to surround important places with Glass or Stained Glass, such as your respawn point.

    Using Glass and Stained Glass with Redstone Circuits

    You can place Redstone Torches, and other Redstone items, on Glass blocks. However, you can’t power Glass blocks themselves. This means you can use Glass and Stained Glass to cut off parts of Redstone signals. In more complex Redstone circuits, you can use Glass to keep many signals close together separated. Essentially, you’re insulating your Redstone “wires.”