Top image is a basic TV made from coal blocks and glass panes while the bottom image is an illuminated painting that is surrounded by green wood.

How to Make a TV in Minecraft

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TVs do not exist in Minecraft as an item and therefore do not have a crafting recipe. Though, with certain resources and some creativity, you can make one fairly easily. Just keep in mind that it won’t get many channels.

Table Of Contents

    TV #1 — Redstone Lamps and a Painting

    A lever powering a line of redstone dust that leads to the area behind a long painting. The painting is being illuminated by active redstone lamps behind it.

    This method of making a TV will allow you to have the satisfaction of flipping a switch and seeing a change in your environment. It’s pretty easy to make as long as you have access to Glowstone Dust. Basically, for this kind of TV, you’re going to need to make a simple Redstone circuit that connects to some Redstone Lamps. On these lamps will be a Painting, which is thin enough to let the light from active Redstone Lamps shine through it. This illumination, combined with manually “turning on” the device makes this mechanism feel pretty close to a real TV item.

    What You Need to Build It

    • 1 Lever (1 Stick and 1 Cobblestone)
    • 1 Painting (8 Sticks and 1 Wool of any color)
    • 2 Redstone Lamps (1 Glowstone block and 4 Redstone Dust each)
    • Enough Redstone Dust to connect the Lever and Redstone Lamps
      • Alternatively, you can place the Lever next to one of the Redstone Lamps to power them directly without a circuit (this would be like turning your TV on manually instead of using the remote)

    Steps for Building It

    1. Place the 2 Redstone Lamps next to each other so that they are in a 2×1 arrangement
    2. Pick a location for your Lever and place it
    3. Connect the Lever to the Redstone Lamps
    4. Place the Painting over the Redstone Lamps to cover them both
      • To make a Painting spawn in a 2×1 shape, you’ll need to place it on the left Redstone Lamp while the block above it is blocked
      • If you want a bigger TV, you can just increase the size of the Painting and how many Redstone Lamps you use for this method and keep everything else the same
    5. Hide the circuitry however you like
    6. Turn on and turn off the TV with the Lever as you see fit

    TV #2 — Black Blocks and Glass Panes

    A TV made from 2 coal blocks and 2 glass panes surrounded by oak wood planks.

    This kind of TV is much more simple, although it cannot be interacted with like the version with Redstone Lamps. This is a basic yet visually pleasing TV that you can make with any kind of black blocks, Glass Panes, and some Wood Planks.

    What You Need to Build It

    • 2 to 4 black blocks of any kind (Coal Blocks, Black Wool, etc.)
    • 2 Glass Panes (16 Glass Panes can be made from 6 Glass blocks on a Crafting Table)
    • At least 10 Wood Planks of the same type
      • You can use any type of block in place of the Wood Planks for your interior design preferences
    • 2 wooden Trapdoors of the same type (2 Trapdoors can be made from 6 Wood Planks on a Crafting Table)

    Steps for Building It

    1. Create a 4×3 wall of Wood Planks with a 2×1 gap in the middle
    2. Place the 2 black blocks into the 2×1 gap
    3. To the left and right of the TV’s black blocks, place 2 more black blocks for ‘speakers’
      • You can use any darkly-colored blocks for the speakers, even gray ones
    4. Place the 2 Glass Panes between the speakers
      • You need blocks on either side of the TV for the Glass Panes to fully stretch across and look like an actual TV screen
    5. Place the Trapdoors on the speakers and flip them vertically to make them look more like the front of real speakers