Link holding a large acorn above his head in excitement. He is standing on a beach.

Link’s Awakening: Guardian Acorns

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As you get deeper into The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, enemies will become tougher. Fight well and you’ll be rewarded with helpful items that can give you temporary bonus effects. For a defensive buff, you can use Guardian Acorns.

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    What Causes Guardian Acorns to Spawn

    Finding a guardian acorn on the ground after defeating an enemy on the beach.

    You will get a Guardian Acorn as an enemy drop every time you kill 12 enemies in a row without taking damage. After learning their spawning criterion, you can cause a Guardian Acorn to spawn anytime you like as long as you have enough enemies nearby. Using your Shield to block attacks will not cause your Guardian Acorn counter to reset. Use your Shield liberally when in combat.

    What Guardian Acorns Do

    Link walking around the beach with a blue aura.

    When you touch a Guardian Acorn, its effect will automatically activate. This means that you cannot choose to use one later; you can only use a Guardian Acorn immediately after finding one. However, it provides a very helpful effect if you plan on doing a lot of fighting.

    The Damage Reduction of Guardian Acorns

    While the effects of a Guardian Acorn are active, you will see a blue aura around Link. This effect will cause you to take half the normal damage from incoming attacks. For example, if you were to lose 1 full Heart of health from an attack, you will now instead lose 1/2 a Heart.

    How Long the Effect of Guardian Acorns Last

    The damage reduction effect of Guardian Acorns will halve the damage you take from the next 3 attacks that hit you. However, the effect will also fade after time even if you don’t get hit. You will see the blue glow disappear from Link within a minute of activating a Guardian Acorn.