Link holding up a Heart Piece in a cave with shallow water.

Link’s Awakening: Where to Find Every Heart Piece

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In addition to the Heart Containers that drop from dungeon bosses, you’ll need to collect Heart Pieces to increase your maximum health in Link’s Awakening. They’re scattered throughout Koholint Island, so get ready for some in-depth exploration!

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    Every Heart Piece on the Map

    All 32 Heart Pieces marked with white hearts on the map to show their locations.

    As most Heart Pieces are found in different locations, this article will tell you how to get them by area for simplicity. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to backtrack to get some. You’ll need specific tools to reach certain Heart Pieces. As such, some Heart Pieces you find won’t become obtainable until later on.

    Mabe Village’s Heart Pieces (6)

    Mabe Village on the map with all buildings named.

    Overall, there are 6 Heart Pieces that can be found in Mabe Village. Some will cost Rupees to obtain, so be sure to stock up!

    Heart Piece #1

    Just northeast of the Village Library, there is a small well. If you head up to the entrance to the Mysterious Forest, you can walk off the ledge to the south to fall into this well.

    You don’t need the Roc’s Feather to jump, as all you need to do is drop down. At the bottom of the well, you’ll find a Heart Piece and a staircase that will lead you back to the surface.

    Heart Piece #2

    In the Town Toon Shop at the east end of Mabe Village is another Heart Piece. However, this one will cost you 200 Rupees to buy. As such, you’ll either need to farm Rupees from your preferred source or come back later after you’ve naturally acquired enough money.

    Heart Piece #3

    You can get a Heart Piece from the Fishing Pond very early in your playthrough. When you catch a Small Fish for the first time, you’ll be given a Heart Piece as a reward.

    Heart Piece #4

    Furthermore, you can get another Heart Piece from the Fishing Pond. You’ll get the next Heart Piece the first time you catch a Big Fish.

    Heart Piece #5

    The first time you head into Trendy Game, a Heart Piece will be one of the potential prizes. Grab it with the crane arm to get closer to having the maximum number of Hearts!

    Heart Piece #6

    The last Heart Piece that you can find in Mabe Village is also within Trendy Game. However, it has more specific spawning criteria. Firstly, you’ll need to clear Level 3 – Key Cavern. Next, you’ll need to get any Secret Seashells and Figures that appear, as they can block the second Heart Piece from spawning.

    To make sure that no Figures spawn in place of the second Heart Piece, you’ll need to win whatever Figure is present, leave Trendy Game, and then immediately go back inside. Since Trendy Game will not spawn a new Figure while you have one in your inventory, you can force the second Heart Piece to appear this way.

    The Mysterious Forest’s Heart Pieces (2)

    Link stepping foot into the mysterious forest. The greenery has a low hanging fog over it, making the area feel ominous.

    Before you can get the 2 Heart Pieces in the Mysterious Forest, you’ll need the Power Bracelet from Level 2 – Bottle Grotto and the Hookshot from Level 5 – Catfish’s Maw. One Heart Piece can be obtained with just the Power Bracelet, but the other will require the Power Bracelet and the Hookshot.

    Heart Piece #1

    There is a log tunnel that leads into a cave in the center of the Mysterious Forest. This is the log that has the signpost in front of it. As you travel through the cave, you’ll find a moveable rock maze. Within this rock maze is a Heart Piece, but, you’ll need the Power Bracelet to lift up the skulls within the maze that block your path.

    Push your way through the rock maze and toss the skull out of your way to reach the Heart Piece. If you mess up moving the rocks around, you can leave the cave through the southern exit and re-enter it to reset the rocks.

    Heart Piece #2

    The other Heart Piece found in the Mysterious Forest is also found in a log tunnel cave. However, you’ll need to deal with the raccoon blocking your way to the north of the forest first. When you acquire some Magic Powder and get rid of the raccoon, you’ll be able to head north. At that point, you’ll come across a log tunnel blocked by 3 rocks.

    Move the rocks out of your way with help from the Power Bracelet and enter the cave. Inside, you’ll find a chest in the northeast corner and a Heart Piece in the northwest. You’ll need the Hookshot to grapple to the chest in the northeast.

    In this chest is 50 Rupees. Loot the money and then grapple to the northwest corner with the Hookshot. From here, you’ll be able to push a moveable rock out of your way to obtain the second Heart Piece.

    Ukuku Prairie’s Heart Pieces (5)

    Link standing in front of a cave entrance in a grassy field.

    There are 5 Heart Pieces in Ukuku Prairie, although, they are all within caves, buildings, or underwater. You’ll need to meet some sort of criterion to reach them all.

    Heart Piece #1

    As soon as you leave Mabe Village from its eastern exit, you’ll spot a cave in the northern rocky wall. Head inside and you’ll come across a chest as well as another moveable rock maze.

    Loot the chest for some Rupees and then proceed to shift the rocks out of your way. To get the Heart Piece in the southeastern corner, you’ll need to lift up a skull with the Power Bracelet.

    Heart Piece #2

    A bit east of the cave mentioned above, you’ll find a cracked wall in Ukuku Prairie. You’ll need to blow open this cracked wall in the northern rock face while avoiding the Pincer enemies here.

    As such, you’ll need some Bombs. When you enter the cave, you’ll find yourself among moveable rocks, black rubbery blocks, and a chest.

    To get by the rubbery blocks, you’ll need the Pegasus Boots from Level 3 – Key Cavern. Dash with the Pegasus Boots to charge through the rubbery blocks. However, the chest is not where the Heart Piece lies (it only contains Rupees).

    There is another cracked wall in the northeast of the cave that you’ll need to blast open with a Bomb. Beyond, you’ll find the Heart Piece of this cave.

    Heart Piece #3

    The next Heart Piece in this area can be found in the moat encircling Kanalet Castle. You’ll need the Flippers from Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel in order to reach it.

    In order to enter the moat, you can approach it from the waterway north of Tal Tal Heights and descend the waterfall at the far west end. There are also stairs that can grant you access to the moat north of the Telephone Booth to the east of Kanalet Castle.

    You’ll need to swim to the part of the moat that’s directly west of the drawbridge leading into the castle’s main gate. Here, you’ll have to dive down with the B button to collect the Heart Piece.

    Heart Piece #4

    Head to the Seashell Mansion on the far east of Ukuku Prairie. To get the Heart Piece reward from the mansion, you’ll need to step on the switch within while possessing at least 5 Secret Seashells.

    Heart Piece #5

    Lastly, you’ll need to descend a hidden staircase on the far east of Ukuku Prairie for the final Heart Piece of this area. South of the Seashell Mansion, there is a grove of trees with a tree stump on the eastern side. Here, there are also a few shrubs. Cut down the shrubs and you’ll find the sneaky hidden staircase.

    When you descend it, you’ll be in a waterlogged cavern with both shallow and deep water. In the center of this cave, in the deepwater, there is a Heart Piece. Dive down with the B button to collect it.

    Pothole Field’s Heart Piece (1)

    Link exploring north of Pothole Field.

    To get the Heart Piece in Pothole Field, you’ll first have to collect the 5 Golden Leaves from Kanalet Castle. When you return to Richard in his villa with the 5 Golden Leaves, he’ll let you into his overgrown yard. In the northeast of the pothole-filled field, you’ll find a Heart Piece.

    However, it can be tricky to obtain. You’ll need to clear all of the shrubs out of your way and leap across a 2-tile-wide gap. While this is possible without the Pegasus Boots, it can be difficult.

    If you’re having a hard time getting this one, come back after getting the Pegasus Boots so that you can dash jump over the holes.

    Koholint Prairie’s Heart Pieces (2)

    The player entering Koholint Prairie. There is a path leading southeast and a patch of grass with a heart piece surrounded by holes.

    The first Heart Piece in Koholint Prairie will be easy to spot and obtain, however, the other will take a lot longer.

    Heart Piece #1

    As soon as you leave the Mysterious Forest from its eastern exit, you’ll be sure to spot this Heart Piece. It’s in a plus-shape patch of grass that is enclosed by holes. Once you get the Roc’s Feather from Level 1 – Tail Cave, you’ll be able to leap across the holes and obtain this Heart Piece.

    Heart Piece #2

    From the Witch’s Hut in Koholint Prairie, head southwest and descend stairs that lead you to a mostly-grassless area. In the eastern portion of this dirt field, you’ll find rocks surrounding a staircase leading underground.

    After entering this cavern, go east and use your Hookshot to grapple to a rock east of a large gap. While it’s possible to clear this gap by dash jumping with the Pegasus Boots, the room for error is very small. Once you reach the patch of land near the eastern rock, jump north to get the Heart Piece.

    Tabahl Wasteland’s Heart Piece (1)

    Link walking to the Heart Piece on the ground in the north of the Tabahl Wasteland. He is surrounded by spooky dead trees and holes in the ground.

    This one will be another easy collectible to acquire. In the north of Tabahl Wasteland, there is a cheeky little Heart Piece partially hidden behind a spooky dead tree. You’ll need to jump across some holes with help from the Roc’s Feather to reach this Heart Piece. Just beware of the many Crow enemies lurking nearby.

    Dampé’s Shack’s Heart Pieces (2)

    Link standing northwest of Dampé's unique stone shack while next to a warp point.

    North of the Tabahl Wasteland, you’ll find Dampé’s Shack in all its cobbled glory. You’ll need to solve a bunch of dungeon-arranging puzzles in order to get both Heart Pieces from Dampé.

    Heart Piece #1

    To get the first Heart Piece reward from Dampé, you’ll need to complete the tier 1 dungeon arranging challenge known as “Fill Up Your Hearts”. This is the challenge where the dungeon must be in the shape of a heart.

    Heart Piece #2

    The next one will take a bit more work. You’ll have to clear all 4 of Dampé’s tier 2 challenges to get the second Heart Piece reward. However, you can complete them in any order—so there’s that.

    Martha’s Bay’s Heart Pieces (2)

    Link standing near a staircase surrounded by shrubs and holes.

    Both Heart Pieces in Martha’s Bay are in the south of the area. The first is in a cave while the other is underwater in the actual bay of Martha’s Bay—both require you to have the Flippers.

    Heart Piece #1

    Head southeast of the Telephone Booth and you’ll find many shrubs across from many holes. You’ll have to leap across the gap and slash the shrubs on the far side. This may take a few attempts. Furthermore, this feat will be easier if you have the Pegasus Boots to dash jump. However, with good timing, you don’t technically need them.

    After you make it across the gap, descend the stairs to enter a waterlogged cavern. In the deepwater at the north of this cave, there is a Heart Piece underwater. You’ll need to dive down with the B button to get it.

    Heart Piece #2

    For the other Heart Piece in Martha’s Bay, you’ll need to enter the body of water containing the entrance to Level 5 – Catfish’s Maw. From the dungeon entrance, swim south into the little nook just north of the staircase you entered to get the first Heart Piece. You’ll have to dive down to get the Heart Piece that’s resting underwater.

    Animal Village’s Heart Pieces (2)

    The map showing that Link is inside the northeast house of Animal Village.

    The first Heart Piece will require you to use your keen eyes. And the other is found in a cave, though you’ll need to do some problem-solving to get it.

    Heart Piece #1

    Head to the spot where you met the sleeping walrus. From there, travel north along a thin path until you reach a cave entrance. However, don’t go inside just yet! Go west until you’re north of the northwesternmost house of Animal Village. At this point, you’ll be able to find the Heart Piece tucked away behind a tree.

    Heart Piece #2

    Now, go back to that cave entrance northeast of Animal Village. When you go inside, you’ll need to move some rocks and then jump north. Pass through the natural doorway and navigate to the northwest of the cave.

    Here, you’ll notice the Heart Piece as well as a cracked rock. Toss a Bomb over the small fence in order to blow up the cracked rock.

    Afterward, head back south and then leap west to the other part of this cave. Going north from here will bring you back to the room where you blasted the cracked rock. Push the other rock out of your way and you’ll be able to make it to the Heart Piece beyond.

    Yarna Desert’s Heart Piece (1)

    Lanmola dying in an explosion of purple flames and dropping the Angler Key i the quicksand pit of Yarna Desert.

    In Yarna Desert, you’ll need to head underground to find the sole Heart Piece of this area. The quickest way is to fall down the hole at the center of the quicksand pit where you have to fight Lanmola for the Angler Key.

    When you fall below, you’ll likely notice a cracked wall in the north of the cave. Blast it open with a Bomb and you’ll be able to find a Heart Piece in the room that lies to the north.

    Ancient Ruins’ Heart Piece (1)

    Link looking at a descending staircase north of the Rapids Ride house.

    There is an underground path that connects the north of the Ancient Ruins to the area just north of the Rapids Ride house. However, to get the Heart Piece from this tunnel, you’ll need to start from the Ancient Ruins side.

    From the rock and shrub maze in the north part of the Ancient Ruins, you’ll notice a cave entrance. If you have trouble accessing this cave entrance, you can go through the Rapids Ride course to reach this spot easily.

    When you enter the cave from the Ancient Ruins side, head north until you come to a dropdown. From the raised area, use the Hookshot to grapple to the rock on the northwest raised area. Following this, grapple to the rock on the northeast raised area. At this point, you’ll be able to pick up the Heart Piece located there.

    Rapids Ride’s Heart Pieces (2)

    The owner of Rapids Ride tell Link that he's won a Heart Piece while they hangout below a waterfall south of the Rapids Ride course.

    You’ll probably need to make multiple attempts to get both Heart Pieces from the Rapids Ride, as one requires exploration and the other requires a speedy course finish.

    Heart Piece #1

    The Heart Piece that’s actually found on the course itself is located on the northwesternmost island. To reach it, you’ll have to descend the western waterfall at the beginning of the course. For an easier time, use your Hookshot to pull your raft into position to get to the stairs of the island holding the Heart Piece.

    Heart Piece #2

    For the other Heart Piece, you’ll need to clear the Rapids Race type of course attempt. To get the Heart Piece as a reward, you’ll have to get to the finish line in 40 seconds or less.

    Tal Tal Heights’ Heart Piece (1)

    Link in the middle of Tal Tal Heights and looking north towards a keyhole.

    In the watery channel north of Tal Tal Heights, you’ll need to swim east using the Flippers. Before you reach the water north of the Rapids Ride house, you’ll find a cave entrance. This cave entrance is pretty much directly south of the entrance to Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower.

    When you swim into this cave, the Heart Piece will be in clear sight. You’ll need to dive down into the deepwater at the center of the small cave to retrieve the Heart Piece.

    Tal Tal Mountain Range’s Heart Pieces (4)

    Link looking at a heart piece on the other side of a wall in a cave within the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

    The final Heart Pieces in Link’s Awakening are on the Tal Tal Mountain Range. These are meant to be obtained late in your playthrough, so don’t worry about most of them until you’ve cleared Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower.

    Heart Piece #1

    Starting from Dampé’s Shack, head west until you see some rocks around a sign. Move these rocks with help from your Power Bracelet and then go north, then east. When you reach the area north of Dampé’s Shack, ascend the stairs to find a cave entrance blocked by more rocks.

    Move the rocks and then head into the cave. Go east and you’ll find a Heart Piece blocked by rocks and purple crystals. You’ll have to push the rocks out of your way and shatter the purple crystal with your Sword to reach the Heart Piece in the southeastern corner.

    Heart Piece #2

    You’ll need to head up to the Henhouse Keeper’s home to begin searching for the next Heart Piece. Cross the bridge west of the house of Cuccos using your Hookshot to reach a plateau on the other side. Here, you’ll need to slash a shrub to find a hidden staircase.

    Below, there is a cracked wall at the south of this part of the cave. Blast it open with a Bomb to get into the room beyond. From there, head east to get to the room holding a Heart Piece.

    Heart Piece #3

    Keep progressing west through this same cave system until you exit onto the western half of the Tal Tal Mountain Range. From there, keep heading west and ascend the plateau with the falling boulders.

    From this plateau with many rocks, head west again across a small wooden bridge. Afterward, you’ll be able to drop down to a subtle rock maze to the south. When you drop down, head southwest until you find a small path. Follow the path west and it will lead you to a dead-end with a Heart Piece.

    Heart Piece #4

    This final Heart Piece will require you to enter Level 8 – Turtle Rock. In the northeast of the dungeon, there is a staircase that will lead you above Level 8 – Turtle Rock. Here, there will be a Heart Piece in a patch of grass north of the exit. You’ll need to come this way to reach the area overlooking the Dodongo Snakes in the dungeon.