Link holding up a piece of power.

Link’s Awakening: Pieces of Power

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If you want to rampage through your foes at top speed, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Pieces of Power. They’ll increase how much damage you can do as well as your movement speed.

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    What Causes Pieces of Power to Spawn

    Link looking at a Piece of Power on the ground. The Piece of Power is a triangular object with a red gem in the middle.

    Every time you slay between 40 to 45 enemies, a Piece of Power will drop from any regular enemy. Unlike the way Guardian Acorns spawn, taking damage does not reset the counter for Pieces of Power to spawn. Furthermore, Pieces of Power cannot drop from mini-bosses or bosses—only common foes.

    What Pieces of Power Do

    Link walking around with a red aura due to picking up a Piece of Power.

    When you pick up a Piece of Power, Link will gain a vibrant red aura. While the aura is present, the effects of the Piece of Power will be active. During this time, all of your attacks will deal double damage to enemies and Link will be able to walk around slightly faster.

    Furthermore, when you strike an enemy with your Sword, you will send them flying back in whatever direction you hit them. It is also worth mentioning the effects of Pieces of Power stack with the effects of the Red Tunic. Since the Red Tunic also doubles your damage output, when stacked with the effects of a Piece of Power, you’ll be able to do quadruple damage to enemies.

    How Long the Effects of Pieces of Power Last

    You will retain the effects of a Piece of Power until one of three things happens. Firstly, the effects will fade after you take three hits from enemies. Next, the effects will fade if you leave the area (not the screen, but the overall region). Lastly, if neither of the first two criteria occurs, the effects will fade after about a minute of real-time.