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Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Bee

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Key Takeaway

There are only two recipes that can make a Bee in Little Alchemy 2, and these are Animal mixed with Flower or Animal mixed with Garden.

Bee is a fairly difficult discoverable item to come across in Little Alchemy 2. Bees only have two total recipes to get them, and making one of these cute little guys can be a little non-intuitive for some players.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Bee

    A Bee in Little Alchemy 2. There are two ways to create a Bee in Little Alchemy 2. These two recipes are:

    • Animal + Flower
    • Animal + Garden

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get to Bee

    In order to make Bee, you will first need to make Animal. Here are all the steps to get to this basic element.

    • Mix Water and Water to make a Puddle.
    • Puddle and Puddle together will make a Lake.
    • Earth and Earth together will make Land.
    • Land plus Land will make Continent.
    • Then mix Continent and Continent together to make Planet.
    • Air and Planet will combine to make Atmosphere.
    • Water plus Atmosphere will give you a Cloud.
    • Combine Fire and Fire together to get Energy.
    • Energy and Cloud together will make a Lightning.
    • Mix one Lighting and one Lake to get one Life.
    • Life and Land will make two important elements: both Soil and Animal.

    Now that Animal has been made, it needs to be mixed with either Garden or Flower. The easiest of the two to get to is Flower, so here’s how to put elements together to get one.

    • You’ll need both the Soil and the Cloud from the steps above.
    • Combine the Cloud and a Water to make Rain.
    • Mix Soil and Rain to get Plant.
    • Sky is made by mixing another Cloud with Air.
    • Combine Fire and Sky to get Sun.
    • Next, you’ll need a Rainbow which can be made several ways. Mix Rain or Water or Cloud with Sun.
    • Plant plus Rainbow will get you a Flower.

    Once you have both Flower and Animal, you can mix them together to finally make yourself a Bee.

    Recipes that Require Bee in Little Alchemy 2

    A Bee and its description in Little Alchemy 2.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    BeehiveBee + Container
    Bee + Forest
    Bee + House
    Bee + Tree
    Bee + Wall
    Bee + Wood
    BeekeeperBee + Farmer
    Bee + Human
    Butterfly NetBee + Net
    EggBee + Bee
    HoneyBee + Bee
    Bee + Beehive
    Bee + Flower
    Bee + Time
    HummingbirdBee + Bird
    SeedBee + Pollen
    SmallBee + Philosophy
    WaxBee + Beehive