Justine and Caroline from Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal: Justine and Caroline Hangout Guide

In a major upgrade from the vanilla title, you can now take everyone's favorite twin wardens on a whirlwind tour of Tokyo.

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In Persona 5 Royal, Justine and Caroline are two adorable twin wardens who watch over your rehabilitation. Unlike the vanilla version of the game, Royal allows you to hang out with the pair around Tokyo. Doing so will unlock both useful items and some hilarious cutscenes.

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    About Justine and Caroline’s Special Outings

    In Persona 5 Royal, building relationships is key. Caroline and Justine embody the Strength confidant, and you increase your rank with them by bringing them very specific Persona in the Velvet Room.

    While progressing through this confidant rank was the only real time you could spend with the twins in Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal introduced hangout events with Caroline and Justine. The girls are curious about the human world, and it’s up to you to show them the many fun and unique sights around Tokyo!

    Making your way through these hangouts will net you some useful items, including Skill Cards. These are used to teach a Persona a unique move they might not typically learn on their own.

    Time spent with the wardens will also reward you with some of the funniest scenes in the game.

    Hanging out with Justine and Caroline at the gym in Persona 5 Royal.

    These outings will unlock on the night of June 6. You’ll receive a phone call from the twins demanding that you come to see them outside of the Velvet Room immediately.

    Note: These hangout events have no impact on the Strength confidant rank. However, they’re still worth completing for the rewards alone.

    All Special Outing Details

    LocationDate(s)Unlock ConditionsRewards
    Big Bang BurgerJune 6 onwardsNone. Maragi, Mabufu
    Shibuya Movie TheaterJune 7 onwardsYou must have seen a movie either alone or with a confidant before this outing. Frei, Psi
    Protein Lovers Gym (Shibuya)June 15 onwardsThe location must be unlocked. Reach Rank 5 with Ryuji. (Chariot)Apt Pupil, Counter
    Kanda ChurchJune 25 onwardsThe location must be unlocked. Samarecarm
    Shinagawa AquariumJuly 26 onwardsRead 'Aquarium Daily' from the Shibuya bookstore or participate in the optional Justice Confidant session on July 29. Masukukaja, Masukunda
    Sky Tower (Asakusa)July 28 onwardsReach Rank 6 with Hifumi (Star), Rank 7 with Ann (Lovers), or read 'Shita-machi Reborn.' (This is a reward from the Mementos mission 'Who's Muscling in Yongen-Jaya' given by Mishima on August 29. )Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja
    Miura BeachSeptember 2 - September 29This event is only available during the daytime or after school. If you complete the Sky Tower hangout late, the Maid Cafe event may occur first. Growth 2
    Maid Cafe (Akihabara)September 3 onwardsYou must have visited the Maid Cafe at least one before this outing.Tetraja, Dekunda, Dekaja
    Tokyo Destinyland (Maihama)October 1 onwardsStory progession on October 11 or by reading 'Theme Park Escort.' (This is a reward from the Mementos mission 'We Aren't Just Your Slaves' given by Mishima the day after clearing Futaba's Palace). Tokyo Destinyland cannot be visited on rainy days.Tetrakarn
    Art Gallery (Ueno)October 1 - November 3Reach Rank 3 with Yusuke. (Emperor)Regenerate 3
    Cafe LeblancNovember 25 onwardsNone.High Counter
    Shibuya Underground MallDecember 1 - December 19None.Heat Riser
    Cafe Leblanc AtticJanuary 13 onwardsThe Cafe Leblanc event must be cleared to access this event.Enduring Soul