The award wall in the Thieves Den in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal: Complete List Of Thieves’ Den Awards

Successfully completing these 52 in-game challenges will earn you some shiny trophies and useful currency.

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Persona 5 Royal introduces the Thieves Den, a hub for the protagonist offering a Gallery, a Movie Theater, a new card game, exclusive confidant dialogue, and plenty of awards to be won. These awards can be earned by completing in-game challenges ranging from extremely simple to wildly time-consuming and challenging.

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    About the Thieves’ Den

    The Thieves Den serves as your own personal Palace. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to change its decor and decorate using items found throughout your adventures in the Metaverse.

    The Thieves Den in Persona 5 Royal.

    A number of new challenges have also been added in Persona 5 Royal. Completing these unique achievements will earn you awards, which will be displayed on the walls of the Thieves Den. Awards will also grant you P Medals, which can be used to unlock content in the Gallery, Music, and Movie Theater sections.

    The Gallery includes images and sprites from the game, a large collection of concept art, and exclusive promotional art. Tracks from Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal can be unlocked in the Music section, while the Movie Theater features cinematic and animated cutscenes played throughout the game, along with trailers and footage from a number of past Persona concerts held in Japan.

    If you’re able to earn all 52 awards, you’ll be gifted with an Invisible Veil, which will prevent Shadows from detecting you while in the Metaverse. You’ll also be able to summon all acquired Personas for free.

    Useful Tips

    While it might be tempting to go into your playthrough of Persona 5 Royal with a focus on the following challenges, you’ll need to play the game at least twice to snag everything. We’d recommend going through your first playthrough however you see fit.

    The award wall in the Thieves Den in Persona 5 Royal.

    With that being said, the following tips will make attaining some of these awards much easier.

    • Ace your exams. Doing well in school will allow you to earn more points while cultivating your social links with other students at Shujin Academy. (Sojiro will also hand over some neat bonuses if you show him you’re studying hard.)
    • Get the Insta-Kill ability. This will be unlocked once you hit Rank 7 with Ryuji. By utilizing this skill, sprinting into any weaker enemy will cause you to defeat them instantly, while also rewarding you with the money and experience you’d gain from fighting them in a normal battle. This makes grinding in Mementos incredibly quick and easy.
    • Max out Maruki’s Confidant Rank. Failing to do this will result in the third-semester storyline remaining locked. Specifically, reach Rank 9 with Maruki by 11/17 to ensure that you can complete the entirety of Persona 5 Royal.
    • Don’t skip Chihaya. Spending time with the fortune teller in Shinjuku will eventually unlock fortune readings. These can be used to increase the money you collect in battle, boost your confidant ranks, and more.
    • Max out Kawakami ASAP. Getting closer to your homeroom teacher will unlock a host of benefits, including extra free time that can be used to work on boosting your social stats and craft infiltration tools. She can also give you a massage after you spend time in the Metaverse, allowing you to leave Leblanc after a day spent kicking Shadow butt.

    School Life

    AwardRequirementsRewardNotes & Tips
    Supersize My StomachClear the highest rank of the Big Bang Challenge.30PThis requires high social stats and three visits. The first challenge will require level 2 in Guts, Knowledge, and Proficiency, with each subsequent challenge requiring one level higher in each category.
    Word WizardSolve 15 Crossword Puzzles35PKeep an eye out for a puzzle book on the far left table in Leblanc each night. It will appear roughly once a week. You don't need to complete ALL of them--just a decent number.
    Golden FingersComplete all 7 retro video games.70PThe game system and some games can be purchased at the used goods shop in Yongen-Jaya. Additional games will be available in Akihabara once it is unlocked. Purchase the video game tips guide in Shinjuku after playing your first game to make this easier.
    Home Run KingHit 30 home runs in the Batting Cages.60PBefore starting this challenge, read the batting tips book from the bookstore in Shinjuku. This becomes available after visiting the Batting Cages once. Going at night will allow you to attempt this as many times as you want.
    Honorary Bather of YongenUse the "Fuji no Yu" Bathhouse in Yongen-Jaya 15 times.35PIf you don't want to waste your nights, simply save your game, go to the Bathhouse a few nights in a row, then reload your save.
    Working StudentWork at a part-time job 15 times.35PA number of Mementos targets and confidants will require you to work part time jobs. You'll only need to find a few free nights to bring your total to 15.
    Secondhand SalesmanEarn 1,000 points selling armor to the Kichijoji clothing store.35POnce you unlock the Insta-Kill ability, driving around Mementos and running into weak enemies is an easy way to acquire sooty armor. Get as much as you can and this challenge is a cinch.
    The Second Boss of LeblancCreate the best coffee and curry Leblanc has to offer.35PThis award requires Hierophant Level 10. It can also be done on NG+ if you got Sojiro's Notes from maxing out his Rank in a previous playthrough.
    Legend of the Dragon FistMax out your training at the gym in Shibuya.35PThis requires 12 visits to the gym. Visiting with the twins will not count towards this total.
    World-Class LaundererWash 10 different types of sooty gear at the Yongen-Jaya laundromat. 35PHaving Kawakami do your laundry will not count towards this award. You'll need to watch 10 unique pieces of sooty armor yourself.
    AnglerEarn 100,000 points fishing at the Ichigaya Fish Pond.50PThis is a tougher challenge. Grab the expensive rod from the Shibuya Sports store, read Essence of Fishing, and try to go at night, especially if the weather is bad--this will give you double the points for catching large fish. Remember: the number of fish you can catch depends on your Proficiency, so be sure to raise that stat.
    A Master Loves His MaidsVisit the maid cafe in Akihabara 4 times. 35PGoing with the twins will not count towards this award.
    BookwormFinish reading 40 unique books.50PBe sure to read all books available from the school library, especially Speed Reading--this will double your reading speed, as the name implies. Buy all available books from Shibuya, Jinbocho, and Shinjuku as well.
    ARCADE AddictWin the Crane Game in Akihabara 5 times.50PThis is a luck-based challenge. The Crane Game will offer a new prize each month.


    AwardRequirementsRewardNotes & Tips
    Phantom Thief Grand UnionMax out all 23 Confidants.50PThis will require playing through the third semester. You'll need to reach rank 10 with the following: Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, Akechi, Yoshizawa, Takemi, Sojiro, Kawakami, Iwai, Toranosuke, Mishima, Ohya, Chihaya, Shinya, Hifumi, Maruki, the Twins, and Igor.
    We Stand as EqualsStart a platonic relationship with each of the 10 romanceable Confidants, then reach Rank 10 with the Platonic relationship. 60PChoose the platonic option when given the choice around rank 8 or 9 with all female confidants. This includes Ann, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, Yoshizawa, Takemi, Kawakami, Ohya, Chihaya, and Hifumi.
    BenefactorGive a total of 10 gifts to any Confidant.50PGifts can be purchased at numerous locations, including the Shibuya Underground Mall and Kichijoji. Gifts can be given even after reaching rank 10 with a confidant. It also doesn't matter whether the recipient likes the gift or not.
    Ladies' ManSee the Rank 10 event for all 10 romanceable confidants on the romance route. 60PYou'll need to romance all 10 romanceable confidants for this award. Yes, you can date multiple people at once without any major impact on the game.
    Devotion to the ArtsHave Yusuke duplicate 10 skill cards. 35PThis becomes available after reaching rank 1 with Yusuke. If you see him standing in the Shibuya Underground Passageway, that means he's available to duplicate a card. You can only duplicate cards once a day.
    Pool Shark PupPlay Billiards in Kichijoji 5 times.35PSpending time with Akechi doesn't count towards this award. If you're aiming to max out your technical damage, you'll achieve this award without any extra effort.
    Spirited DartsmanPlay Darts in Kichijoji 5 times.35PYou'll need to visit the Darts bar five times to achieve this award--it isn't referring to separate games.
    Jazz CatVisit Jazz Jin 7 times.35PThis award will unlock naturally as you spend time with Akechi. Spending time at Jazz Jin is also a great way to permanently boost a team member's stats.
    Sick With SpendingSpend ¥500,000 or more at the Takemi Medical Clinic.35PTake your time on this one--it never hurts to stock up on medicine, but this can be done over a lifetime.
    Military MillionaireSpend ¥1,000,000 or more at Untouchable Airsofts.35PSimilar to the Sick with Spending award, though this one may be easier to achieve given the cost of weapon upgrades.
    Custom GunmanCustomize 20 guns with different names at Untouchable Airsofts.35PYou might want to wait until you reach rank 10 with Iwai to tackle this award. Doing so will make customization free.
    Catcher in the Roof GardenHarvest Vegetables 5 times on the school rooftop.35PThe rooftop garden will unlock along with Haru's confidant after you finish the space Palace. Getting Haru to rank 8 will also speed up this process.


    AwardRequirementsRewardNotes & Tips
    Exemplary TeamworkPerform 50 All-out Attacks.35PTutorials don't count towards this total, but you shouldn't have any problem achieving this award organically.
    Lethal GunmanPerform 30 Down Shots.50PYou'll learn Down Shots as you rank up the Tower confidant. You can only do 3 Down Shots per trip to the Metaverse.
    NegotiatorObtain 30 Personas through Negotiation.35PIf negotiating seems difficult, leveling up your confidant ranks might help. In particular, ranking up the Sun confidant will help you recover if you make a mistake.
    The Shadow DiplomatNegotiate 100 times.35PThis will be easy to accomplish if you're trying to build your compendium and are interested in farming yen and items from the Shadows you find in the Metaverse.
    The Phantom BombersDefeat 100 enemies by using Disaster Shadow explosions.50PIn later dungeons, this may prove difficult as Disaster Shadows won't kill adjacent enemies as quickly. Try working towards this award in earlier dungeons.
    Crack ShotDefeat 100 enemies with bullets.50PYou'll need the killing shot against an enemy to be made with a gun.
    Master TechnicianTrigger a Technical hit 100 times.50PExploring dungeons during bad weather might make this award easier to achieve.
    Ultimate AttackDeal over 9999 damage in battle without using an All-out Attack.50PYou'll need to do this in a single attack, not on a single turn with multiple attacks. Try using a high-level Persona on a weak enemy after multiple baton passes on lower difficulty. It's also helpful to use buffs and debuffs.
    Lucky StarEncounter 30 Treasure Demons.30PWhile you'll see Treasure Demons wandering around on their own, they can also appear in normal battles. You can also craft a Treasure Trap to make it easier.
    The True ReaperDefeat The Reaper 5 times.70PTo find a Reaper, you'll need to just hang out in Mementos while inside the Mona car. Make sure you're not in a safe area. DO NOT attempt to do this until you're at a high level. This can technically be done in a single trip to Mementos.
    Senpai in LifeDefeat Jose.50PThis isn't available until the 3rd semester in Mementos, and all star stamps must have been collected. Head to the end of Mementos to trigger a cutscene and the battle.
    Future RehabilitationDefeat Caroline & Justine.60PThis is only available in NG+ after Mementos is unlocked. This is an incredibly tough fight, and it's possible to be killed in a single turn, so come prepared.
    True RehabilitationDefeat Lavenza.70PThis is only available in NG+ after 12/24.


    AwardRequirementsRewardNotes & Tips
    Mission CompleteClear all Mementos Requests.70PYou'll need to complete all 33 Mementos Missions to snag this award. The final three requests are in the 3rd semester, so be sure not to miss them.
    A Sublime MaskRaise one of the protagonist's Personas to Level 99.50PThis is easiest to do during a Fusion Alarm. Use a higher level Persona (80s/90s) and use the Gallows.
    Mask CollectorComplete the Persona Compendium.70PTo complete the compendium, make sure that the Group Guillotine is available. You'll also need to reach the 3rd semester, reach rank 10 with all confidants to unlock their final Persona fusion, and replay the game in NG+ for the protagonists ultimate Persona.
    All PowerfulRaise all stats of one of the protagonist's Personas to Level 99.50PIf you aren't in a rush, wait to fuse the protagonist's ultimate Persona. It starts with extremely high stats. You can also take advantage of Fusion Alarms.
    Professional KillerAmbush enemies with the Grappling Hook 30 times.35PThis unlocks after reaching rank 5 with Yoshizawa. This doesn't trigger if you're in a hiding position when triggering an ambush.
    The Bold ExecutionerFuse 20 Personas in a Fusion alarm.50PBe sure to head back to the Velvet Room when you see the alarm go off.
    In Shadows UnseenAmbush enemies 50 times.30PYou must be in a Palace to make your ambushes count, not Mementos.
    Electric Chair FanaticObtain 10 unique items from the Electric Chair.30PUsing the Electric Chair is a great way to get everyone's best weapons and armor.
    Flowers for a Certain BoyCollect 1,000 flowers in Mementos.35PIf you're grinding in Mementos, this award will be an easy one to achieve.
    Stamp by MeObtain 150 Mementos Stamps.60PYou won't be able to complete this until the 3rd semester.
    Lockpicking ExpertOpen 40 locked chests.50PBe sure to take advantage of Kawakami's crafting service and raise your proficiency so you can craft more lockpicks at once.
    A Thief at HeartObtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.30PUse the Third Eye while in Palaces to seek out anything highlighted in yellow, and smash them.
    Disappearing ActUse a Smokescreen or Hypno Mist to escape from Shadows after being spotted 5 times.35PRemember: the enemy needs to be actively chasing you with the spotlight.