Animation of fog being cleared from a forest area in-game.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to Get the Defog HM

Tired of stumbling through dense clouds? Use the Defog HM to clear away all that pesky fog!

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Key Takeaway

You get the Defog HM by speaking with the NPC immediately to the right of the entrance into the Pastoria Great Marsh. Afterward, you can use the Defog HM at any time by selecting it on your Pokétch.

Arguably the hardest hidden move to find in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, the Defog HM is given to you. You need to talk to a specific NPC, otherwise, you’ll be doomed to get lost in the fog.

Table Of Contents

    Who Gives You the Defog HM?

    Player reading a sign in Pastoria City.

    First, you need to head to Pastoria City. Then, go into the Pastoria Great Marsh—which is also known as this region’s Safari Zone. After you pay the entry fee and enter the Great Marsh, walk to the right and talk to the NPC with green hair.

    The player speaking to an NPC with green hair.

    After you speak with this green-haired NPC, you can Defog from your Pokétch menu. Defog in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is contained in TM97.

    How to Use Defog

    To use Defog, simply walk into an area with fog and open up your Pokétch. In this menu, you have access to all of the HMs you’ve obtained so far. Select “Defog” and the area around you will be cleared of fog.

    What Defog Does in Battle

    A Frosmoth using Defog on a Swirlix in a Generation VIII Pokémon Game.

    Appropriately, this move clears away fog in battle. But there’s more. Defog lowers a target’s evasion stat by one stage unless the target is behind a substitute or is in the semi-invulnerable phase of moves like Fly and Dig.

    The other main function of Defog in battle is to clear away terrain effects. So, it can be handy to use in some competitive battles. Here’s a list of the terrain effects that get cleared by Defog:

    • Spikes (both sides of the field)
    • Toxic Spikes (both sides of the field)
    • Stealth Rock (both sides of the field)
    • Sticky Web (both sides of the field)
    • The effects of G-Max Steelsurge (both sides of the field)
    • Light Screen (target’s side only)
    • Reflect (target’s side only)
    • Safeguard (target’s side only)
    • Mist (target’s side only)
    • Aurora Veil (target’s side only)