A Roselia evolving into a Roserade in front of a green background.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Evolve Roselia

To get the glamorous Roserade, you'll need an equally fabulous stone!

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Key Takeaway

To evolve your Roselia into a Roserade, you’ll need to use a Shiny Stone on it.

There are many ways to evolve Pokémon these days. Thankfully, many of these methods are the same in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as they were in the original Generation IV games. To evolve Roselia, you must go stone hunting!

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    What You Need to Evolve Roselia

    Player's bag with a Shiny Stone in it. On the left, the player can evolve Roselia because it is compatible.

    You need to use a Shiny Stone on Roselia to evolve them into Roserade. Start by getting a Roselia into your party and a Shiny Stone into your bag. Next, head into your bag’s “Other Items Pocket” and select the Shiny Stone.

    When you do, you’ll see your party on the left side of the screen. Next to each party member will be either the word “Incompatible” or “Compatible.” The latter word is what you need to see before you can use a Shiny Stone on a Pokémon.

    For Roselia, you’ll always see the “compatible” wording, as there are no requirements you need to meet before you can use a Shiny Stone on it. Simply select the stone, hover over Roselia, and use the item on it. Afterward, you’ll be brought to the evolution screen where you can watch it evolve into a Roserade.

    Where to Find Shiny Stones

    A player in yellow and black clothes finding a Shiny Stone in the cave on Iron Island.

    There are three methods of obtaining Shiny Stones in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The first is to find one on Iron Island—which is the earliest way to get a guaranteed Shiny Stone. The second method is to find one on Route 228, which will take longer to get to, but it is still guaranteed. Lastly, you can use a Pokémon with the Pickup ability to spawn a Shiny Stone, although this method is far from guaranteed.

    Where to Find the Shiny Stone on Iron Island

    The Shiny Stone here is found shortly before the exit of the island’s singular large cavern. Thankfully, Riley, the Lucario-loving NPC will help you through this cave. You’ll have to progress beyond the point where you and Riley defeat a duo of Team Galactic grunts.

    Following this, Riley will give you a Riolu egg, and will disappear. Descend the elevator south of the Team Galactic duo and keep traveling until you rise up to another area via a separate elevator.

    Here, there is an opening to the left and an item on the right. This item is the Shiny Stone. Pick it up and then leave the cave through the leftward exit to find yourself outside.

    Where to Find the Shiny Stone on Route 228

    On Route 228, there are two houses with purple roofs. Just to the right of the southernmost house, there is a raised area that is also north of some berry plants. You can potentially reach this raised area by riding your bicycle at top speed up the sandfall (sand waterfall) on the raised area’s right side.

    Once you do, you’ll need your bike to ride across the narrow horizontal bridge that leads to another raised area to the right. On this right raised area is a single item: a Shiny Stone.

    How to Get Shiny Stones With the Pickup Ability

    After every battle, a Pokémon with the Pickup ability can generate an item that they will then hold automatically. However, the item they can spawn is random. The level of the Pokémon with Pickup determines what items they can find.

    For pocket monsters between levels 1 and 10, there is no chance of getting a Shiny Stone. Although, from levels 11 to 70, there is between a 3% and a 4% chance that they will spawn a Shiny Stone after a battle. Beyond this, the spawn chance increases greatly.

    From levels 71 to 80, there is a 5% chance of a Shiny Stone spawning. Then, between levels 81 to 90, this chance ramps up to 9%. Finally, between levels 91 and 100, the odds end up at 10% after each battle.

    Just keep in mind that a Pokémon with Pickup will only create an item if it is not already holding another item. As such, be sure to check if they are holding anything after each battle. If they are, take the item away so that there’s room for a new one to spawn.