Mew on the left and Jirachi on the right. They are in front of a blue background.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Get Mew and Jirachi

You don't need to attend an event to get these mythical pocket monsters—just other Pokémon games!

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Key Takeaway

To get Mew, you’ll need save data from Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Let’s Go, Eevee! To get Jirachi, you’ll need save data from Sword or Shield. If you have the required save data, you can get these mythical Pokémon by speaking to the gentleman (for Jirachi) and the madame (for Mew) in the southwest corner of Floaroma Town.

You can get Mew and Jirachi in a unique way in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. All you need to do is talk to some NPCs…and have save data from other Pokémon games. If you do, head to Floaroma Town.

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    How to Get Mew

    Player getting Mew from the madame in Floaroma town.

    If you speak with the madame in the southwest corner of Floaroma Town, she will give you a Mew if you have save data from Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee!

    You can only get one Mew this way per console. Even if you have both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on your Nintendo Switch, you can only get Mew in one or the other—not both.

    Mew is a Pokémon from Generation I, which is why you need save data from a game that takes place in Kanto. The Kanto region is where the Generation I games (and their remakes) took place. It is also the setting of Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee!

    Meet Your New Mew

    This Mew will be at level 1 and only has the moves Pound and Reflect Type. As such, you can raise it in any way you want. This is similar to how you would raise a Pokémon that you hatched from an egg.

    How to Get Jirachi

    Player getting Jirachi from the gentleman in Floaroma town.

    If you speak with the gentleman in the southwest corner of Floaroma Town, he will give you a Jirachi if you have save data from Pokémon: Sword or Pokémon: Shield.

    Similar to the restrictions in place for Mew, you can only get a single Jirachi this way. Therefore, even if you have copies of both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you can only get Jirachi in one or the other.

    Jirachi is a Pokémon from Generation III, which takes place in the Hoenn Region. However, there are no games set in this region that appear on the Nintendo Switch. This is why you need Sword or Shield instead of one of the games set in the Hoenn region. There’s simply no other easy way to use the save data gimmick here.

    This Is the Jirachi You Wished For

    Jirachi will be at level 5 when you get it. In terms of moves, it only knows Confusion and Wish. Like Mew, you can raise Jirachi as you see fit. However, with fewer levels of potential EV training.

    The Location of Floaroma Town

    Location of Floaroma Town in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the map of Sinnoh.

    Floaroma Town is north of Jubilife City. You need to take Route 204 to get from Jubilife City to Floaroma Town. This can be done very early in your playthrough, so be sure to head there sooner rather than later!

    Having access to Mew and Jirachi will be great for your potential team. Mew is one of the most versatile Pokémon ever created thanks to its massive movepool. And Jirachi has great typing due to being both part Psychic-type and part Steel-type.

    The History of Obtaining Mew

    A player encountering Mew in Pokémon Yellow.

    For the majority of Pokémon games, Mew was only obtainable through events. However, this was not the only way to get Mew in the Generation I games. In Pokémon Red, Blue, & Yellow, you can perform a series of actions that will spawn a Mew.

    There are a few different versions of the “Mew Glitch,” as it became known. Such methods take advantage of the relatively primitive coding in GameBoy games.

    The Mew Glitch uses another glitch called the “Trainer-Fly Glitch” in combination with Mew’s index number (21) to spawn Mew. The Trainer-Fly Glitch is when you use Fly, Dig, Teleport, or an Escape Rope after getting spotted by an enemy trainer but before they can initiate a battle with you. To put it simply, this makes the game read the map script improperly.

    If you then battle a trainer whose last Pokémon’s Special stat is exactly 21 (Mew’s index number), you can trick the game into loading data for Mew. All that’s left to do afterward is begin a random encounter and Mew will appear. The exact steps vary depending on where you want to do the Mew Glitch and need precise actions as well as timing to be pulled off successfully.

    The History of Obtaining Jirachi

    A player getting a glitched Jirachi from using the Pomeg Glitch in Pokémon Emerald.

    Jirachi, like many other mythical pocket monsters, is usually only available through events. But there are ways around that in the Generation III games.

    Despite the Generation III games being much better coded than the Generation I titles, there were still many glitches to abuse. Through using a combination of a few different glitches, you can obtain an egg that will hatch into a Jirachi. Also, this Jirachi is very buggy and is likely to crash your game.

    This is done by manipulating a Pokémon’s HP stat with Pomeg berries and converting move IDs into Species IDs. The process (known as “Glitzer Popping“) is much more technical than the Mew Glitch and requires many more steps.