A Gible being encountered by the player in Wayward Cave.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Get Gible

This cute Dragon and Ground-type Pokémon is hiding in a cave, and only the most determined trainers can find them!

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Key Takeaway

You can find Gible on the basement floor of Wayward Cave. To reach this part of Wayward Cave, use the hidden entrance below the Cycling Road. The Cycling Road and both entrances to Wayward Cave are on Route 206, which is just south of Eterna City.

Dragon-type pocket monsters are usually hard to find. To get Gible in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you’ll need to explore the dark depths of the Sinnoh region! You’ll also need some Strength to traverse the best Gible hideout.

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    Where to Find Gible in Wayward Cave

    Map view of Route 206, which hold the Wayward Cave where you can get Gible.

    The best place to find Gible is on the basement floor of Wayward Cave. The entrance to the basement level is different from the entrance to the main level. To find the basement floor entrance, start from Oreburgh City and then go north.

    Requirements for Traversing Wayward Cave

    Before you begin this journey, you’ll need the HM for Strength. Just beyond the entrance to the basement floor are five large boulders that can only be moved with the aforementioned HM. Having a Pokémon with the move Flash is also highly advised, as Wayward Cave is very dark.

    To get the HM for Strength, you need to talk to one of the two NPCs at the top of the Lost Tower. You can find the Lost Tower on Route 209, which is to the right of Hearthome City. Also, you’ll need to get the Mine Badge from Gym Leader Byron in Canalave City before you can use Strength outside of battle.

    On top of that, you’ll need a bicycle to explore the basement floor of Wayward Cave properly. While not technically required to find your Pokémon target, there are great items here that can make your Gible stronger. For some examples, Grip Claw is a nice held item if you want your Gible to make the best use of Sand Tomb, and the TM for Earthquake is also found here.

    How to Find the Entrance to Wayward Cave’s Basement Floor

    A subtle entrance hidden below the Cycling Road. There is a red arrow pointing to it.

    From Oreburgh City, travel north until you reach the Cycling Road. Chop down the trees on the right with Cut and then go as far northwest as you can. This brings you to a section below the northmost part of the Cycling Road.

    Walk to the left of the big bridge and you’ll see a patch of dirt just to the right of the Cycling Road’s top-left supporting column. This is the entrance to the basement floor of Wayward Cave.

    When you enter the passage, you’ll be in a small dark room full of heavy boulders. First, use a Pokémon with Flash to light up the area. Then, open your Pokétch and use Strength so that you can move the boulders out of your way. Following this, go down the stairs to the left.

    Afterward, you’ll be in the area where Gible can spawn. However, its spawn rate is only 15%, so you’ll have to get a bit lucky. Thankfully, this Pokémon can spawn at any time of day. When encountered, the Gible here will be between levels 15 and 17.

    Other Places You Can Find Gible

    Art map of the Ground Underground in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

    Besides Wayward Cave, you can also find Gible in the Grand Underground after you defeat Gym Leader Candice in Snowpoint City. Here are the types of Grand Underground rooms where Gible can spawn:

    • Riverbank Cave (rooms that are half green and half blue on the underground map)
    • Still-Water Cavern (rooms that are also half green and half blue on the underground map)
    • Fountainspring Cave (rooms that are completely blue on the underground map)

    Unlike other areas of the game, you can force the spawn of a Gible in one of the above-mentioned rooms fairly easily. It may take some time, but the method itself is straightforward.

    When you find an appropriate spawning room, repeatedly leave and re-enter it. Every time you do so, you’ll force the spawn of new Pokémon. Keep doing this until a Gible appears. What level it will be at will depend on how many Gym Leaders you’ve defeated so far.