Resident Evil 4: Castle Blue Medallion Locations

Fulfill another one of the merchant's requests by destroying another set of blue medallions.

The Castle is the home of Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4. Before you can actually enter the castle, you must fight your way through a horde of enemies. There are also blue medallions here you can get rid of. Take the time to destroy these before pushing forward.

Table Of Contents

    Castle Blue Medallion 1

    The first blue medallion in the Castle in Resident Evil 4.

    You’ll find the first blue medallion in this area to the right of the spiral staircase. After a few steps up, look to the right, then slightly look down. You’ll see the blue medallion hanging from a tree branch.

    Castle Blue Medallion 2

    The second blue medallion in the Castle.

    The next one is in the gazebo on top of the tower where the cannon ascends, hanging by the window.

    Castle Blue Medallion 3

    The third blue medallion in the castle.

    From the previous medallion, walk over to the walkway to the north and look up at the window above the archway to see another blue medallion.

    Castle Blue Medallion 4

    The sixth blue medallion in the Castle.

    Look higher and you’ll see another medallion hanging from a wooden platform.

    Castle Blue Medallion 5

    The fifth blue medallion in the Castle.

    Head over to the cannon and jump down on the hole beside it. Once inside, look up while facing the position of the cannon and you’ll spot another blue medallion.

    Castle Blue Medallion 6

    The sixth blue medallion in the Castle.

    Exit this tower. Continue onwards until you have to climb a ladder, then onto a dilapidated area of the exterior castle. Continue heading forward until you can spot a chest. To its left is the last blue medallion.