Pest Control in the Grand Hall in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4: Pest Control Rat Locations in the Grand Hall

Kill these rats for a few Spinels.

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The Grand Hall Pest Control Merchant Request is the second Pest Control activity you can do in Resident Evil 4. The rules here remain the same. Find the rats and kill them. There’s more ground to cover here, making the rats somewhat harder to find than the previous Pest Control request.

Table Of Contents

    Rat #1

    The first rat in the Grand Hall.

    You’ll find one of the rats in the Dining Hall area. You’ll immediately find it running beneath the sofas after you enter the Dining Hall from the main Grand Hall corridor.

    Rat #2

    The second rat in the Grand Hall in Resident Evil 4.

    Make your way to the Armory to find the next rat. The rat is on the lower corridor that connects the Grand Hall and the Armory.

    Rat #3

    The third rat in the Grand Hall.

    The final rat you’ll have to kill is in the corridor that leads to the Library. To get here, you must first find the Goat Head, the Lion Head, and the Serpent Head and attach those to the headless statue in the Grand Hall. This will then be followed by a section where you’ll have to play as Ashley. Once this section concludes, you’ll play as Leon again and you’ll be able to pass through the door to the right of the statue.

    From here, you can head to the corridor that leads to the Library. The rat is on the corridor that’s filled with mounted animal heads.