Buying credits in Rocket League.

Rocket League: How to Get Credits

To get this in-game currency, you'll need to spend some real-world money.

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Key Takeaway

You can purchase Credits from the Item Shop. You can also receive Credits by purchasing Item Packs and by getting the Rocket Pass.

Credits are the main form of currency in Rocket League. You use them to buy things like wheels and vehicles, but you have to spend real-world money to get Credits. It’s time to trick out your ride!

Table Of Contents

    Buying Credits In-Game

    How to buy credits in Rocket League.

    From the Main Menu, head to Item Shop. Take a look at the bottom-left of the screen and you’ll see the Buy Credits option. Press the indicated button to buy Credits and you’ll see the price for each Credit bracket. The price depends on your region. For reference, 1,000 Credits cost $10 for those in the U.S.

    Getting Credits Through Pack Bundles

    Pack bundles from Rocket League.

    A better way to get Credits—if you’re not looking to get much—is to purchase a Pack Bundle. These are also found within the in-game Item Shop. With real-world money, not only will you receive credits, but you’ll also receive other items.

    The price difference between bundles and the Credits themselves is minimal, so you may as well get the bundle.

    Get the Rocket Pass

    The Rocket Pass menu from Rocket League.

    You can also receive Credits by getting the Rocket Pass. The Rocket Pass costs 1,000 Credits, so you’ll first have to get some for this option. However, once you have the Rocket Pass, you’ll be rewarded with 100 Credits for every 12 tiers you climb. Each tier rewards you with other items as well.

    After ascending through every single tier, you’ll have collected a total of 600 Credits. This is a fantastic return considering all the other items you received during this process.

    If you want to look good while playing Rocket League, spend a few bucks to get a few cosmetic items and XP boosts. Besides, the game is free-to-play, so it’s not like it’s a huge strain on your wallet. However, Credits aren’t entirely necessary in Rocket League. You can excel in this game without them.

    If you love the game enough to spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing it, it may be worthwhile to purchase a few Credits on bundles and Rocket Passes. It’s one of the easier ways to get some of the best cars in Rocket League, so it can definitely benefit you to do so.

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