Sekiro holding the Mortal Blade.

Sekiro: How to Get the Mortal Blade (and Use it)

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Key Takeaway

You can get the Mortal Blade from the Divine Child of Rejuvenation in the Inner Sanctum, a place you can access after defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys at the end of Senpou Temple. Once acquired, you concurrently gain a new combat art called Mortal Draw, allowing you to use the Mortal Blade in combat.

The Mortal Blade from Sekiro is an important weapon you’ll need to obtain for Lord Kuro to finish the game. Aside from its importance in the game’s story progression, the Mortal Blade also has its usefulness in combat.

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    Before Getting the Mortal Blade

    You’ll begin to learn about the existence of the Mortal Blade after Kuro asks you to talk to Isshin. This happens after you’ve defeated Genishiro in Ashina Castle and have been reunited with Kuro.

    After learning about the Mortal Blade and its location, you must then make your way to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.

    Getting to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.

    Start from the Ashina Castle idol. Turn around and use your grapple hook on the broken branch across. Proceed onwards from here and you’ll eventually find yourself in the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance. This is where you’ll need to start to get to Senpou Temple.

    Sekiro running towards the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance.

    Simply follow down this path and you’ll find a lift at the end. Ride this lift and you’ll officially arrive at Senpou Temple.

    Beating the Folding Screen Monkeys

    Getting to the end of the Senpou Temple to fight the area’s main boss is straightforward enough. The area is filled with tough and unpredictable enemies, yes, but your path should just be linear and clear.

    When you arrive at the Main Hall, you’ll find a bell at an altar. Ring the bell and you’ll be teleported to the Hall of Illusions. Here, you’ll find and need to defeat the Folding Screen Monkeys.

    Sekiro at the Hall of Illusions, about to face the Folding Screen Monkeys.

    There are four monkeys roaming around this area. Each of them has different strengths, and definitely different weaknesses.

    There’s the monkey in the purple robes. This monkey can immediately see you from afar, but it can’t hear you coming.

    The monkey in the green robes has decent hearing, but it can’t see you.

    The monkey in the orange robes has bad hearing and sight, but as soon as it senses you coming, it will make a loud noise, causing all the other monkeys in the area to flee.

    The last monkey is the one you don’t see at all. However, it will leave glowing footprints on its tracks.

    Dealing With the White Robed Monkey

    Sekiro defeating the White Robed Monkey.

    As soon as you enter the arena, turn around and head to the ledge. The invisible monkey is lurking here. Start attacking to eliminate your first monkey.

    Dealing With the Orange Robed Monkey

    Sekiro defeating the Orange Robed Monkey.

    Your next target should be the monkey in the orange robes. Since this enemy has poor sight and hearing, approaching it should be simple enough. Chase it and eliminate it next.

    Dealing With the Purple Robed Monkey

    Sekiro dealing with the Purple Robed Monkey.

    There are multiple areas in the Hall of Illusions that are covered in darkness. One of them is a tall, dark room that has a top floor you can grapple onto. Another is a room that has four statues and a note on the far door. Interact with this door to open it. This will shut out any light this room had, making it a perfect place to lure the monkey in the purple robes.

    That said, lure the monkey into any of these rooms. Once they’re in here, their lack of hearing will allow you to approach them in complete darkness without them running away.

    Dealing With the Green Robed Monkey

    Sekiro defeating the Green Robed Monkey.

    The best way to deal with the monkey in the green robes is to ring the bell at the center of the Hall of Illusions when it’s near it. This will cause it to stagger, allowing you to deal a finishing blow.

    Alternatively, you can lead this monkey into a room that’s constantly flooded by some form of waterfall. The noise in this room will remove the monkey’s ability to hear you approaching.

    Once all four monkeys are dealt with, you’ll be immediately teleported to the Inner Sanctum. Here, you’ll meet the Divine Child of Rejuvenation and receive the Mortal Blade from her.

    What Can You Do With the Mortal Blade?

    Sekiro performing the Mortal Draw.

    You may not be able to use the Mortal Blade like you do with your regular katana, you still have the option to use it in combat. You can do this with a new combat art called Mortal Draw. With this combat art, you’ll draw the Mortal Blade and slash at your opponent with a long reaching and powerful slash attack.

    You can even upgrade this combat art by unlocking the Empowered Mortal Draw from the Mushin Arts Skill Tree. With this upgrade, the Mortal Draw has a longer reach and a more potent damage output.

    Gaining the Mortal Blade will also allow you to kill Infested Monks. You’ll also be able to permanently kill the Headless Ape when you fight him for the second time in Ashina Depths.

    Finally, you can use it to end Hanbei the Undying. This is the ending of Hanbei’s character progression. Doing so will reward you the Hidden Tooth item.