A Black Soul Gem.

Skyrim: How to Fill a Black Soul Gem

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Black Soul Gems have several important uses in Skyrim. You’ll need to know how to fill a Black Soul Gem to not only complete certain quests, but to recharge your enchanted equipment more conveniently.

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    Black Soul Gem Uses

    Black Soul Gems are used just like any other Soul Gems in Skyrim, for the most part. You can use Black Soul Gems to recharge your enchanted equipment and gear. What makes Black Soul Gems desirable is that they are as potent as Grand Soul Gems, but they can be filled with humanoid souls. Grand Soul Gems, on the other hand, must be filled with souls of creatures, which are more difficult to come by.

    Additionally, you’ll need to use Black Soul Gems when completing certain quests, such as Rising at Dawn—the quest to cure Vampirism. You can also use Black Soul Gems at the Atronach Forge. This is located within The Midden—an underground facility in the College of Winterhold. Here, you can create items and spirits that can be conjured with different recipes.

    How to Find Black Soul Gems

    The Black Soul Gem on the item screen.

    Black Soul Gems can be found in a myriad of places throughout Skyrim. They will appear in chests, caves, and as loot on necromancers, giants, hagravens, and Forsworn Briarhearts. You also have the option of purchasing a Black Soul Gem from Falion in Morthal. But for information on specific locations in which Black Soul Gems spawn, check out the comprehensive list of places on The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

    How to Fill Black Soul Gems

    There are several ways to fill a Black Soul Gem. To fill one, you’ll need to capture the soul of a humanoid—such as an elf, human, or orc. One way to capture a soul is by casting Soul Trap on a humanoid (while carrying a Black Soul Gem). Once you do this, kill that humanoid, and the Soul Gem will be filled. If you have a weapon that has been enchanted with Soul Trap, this can alternatively be used to trap a Soul Gem. Simply use that weapon to kill the humanoid, and your Black Soul Gem will be filled.