The Flower Dance event in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: Where to Find the Flower Dance

This limited-time event can be a little tricky to track down.

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Key Takeaway

The Flower Dance takes place in the far west of Cindersap Forest across the bridge south of the Wizard’s Tower. The event only happens on the 24th of Spring between 9 AM and 2 PM.

While allowing players to run their own farm at their own pace, Stardew Valley also features a number of limited-time events. The Flower Dance is one special festival only open to players on a single day each Spring.

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    What is the Flower Dance?

    The Flower Dance is a special event that takes place in Stardew Valley on the 24th of each Spring season. The romantic festival invites players to dance with the bachelor or bachelorette NPC of their choice if their friendship with the selected character is at a high enough level.

    During the event, Pierre will also open up a booth on the festival grounds selling a variety of ornamental plants and home decor.

    Where Does the Flower Dance Take Place?

    The event takes place in the far west area of Cindersap Forest. Players will come across it after crossing the bridge south of the Wizard’s Tower. This area is only accessible during the Flower Dance event.

    To access the area, head to the very south of your farm and pass through the gate closest to the pond.

    How to get to the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley.

    The event takes place between 9 AM and 2 PM on the 24th of Spring.

    During this period, all shops and villager houses will be locked and inaccessible.

    How to Get a Dance Partner for the Flower Dance

    To unlock a dance partner during the event, players must have at least four hearts of friendship with the NPC of their choice. Talk to the NPC of your choice twice during the festival to initiate a dance.

    Dancing with an NPC will increase their friendship level by one heart, or 250 points.

    If a player is married, they can still choose to dance with someone other than their spouse. In a multiplayer game, players can also dance with each other.