Title text for Stardew Valley and "Where is Robin's Lost Axe?" above a farm in Pelican Town.

Where Is Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley?

Tracking down this misplaced tool will earn you a hefty reward.

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Key Takeaway

You must accept the quest to find Robin’s lost axe before it will appear. On the 11th day of Spring, you’ll receive a letter from Robin in your mailbox, allowing you to begin the quest.

The axe can be found to the southeast of Marnie’s ranch, a bit north of the sewer’s entrance. Returning it to Marnie will reward you with 250g.

Outside of creating your dream farm and enjoying some zen in-game, you’ll also occasionally unlock unique Story Quests given by many of Pelican Town’s inhabitants. Early in Stardew Valley, you’ll be tasked with finding Robin’s Lost Axe, and doing so rewards you with a sizable payout. 

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    How to Begin the Quest to Find Robin’s Lost Axe

    Before you can find Robin’s axe, you’ll need to accept the quest. Check your mail on the 11th day of Spring during the first year for Robin’s letter about her missing tool. You’ll have a letter from Robin reading:


    I lost my favorite Axe! If you find it, please return ASAP. I’m having a tough time without it. There’s 250g in it for whoever finds the thing.


    At the bottom of the letter, you’ll see Accept Quest. Once you select it, the quest will begin.

    Robin's letter requesting you to find her lost axe in Stardew Valley.
    While this quest has no time limit, the cash reward can be incredibly helpful as you begin improving your farm. The axe is quite easy to find, so try not to put this quest off!

    Where to Find Robin’s Lost Axe

    Once you’ve accepted the quest, it’s time to find the not-so-hidden item. Robin’s Lost Axe can be found close to the sewer drain south of Marnie’s Ranch. Below, we’ve marked the area with a red circle on the town map.

    A full map of Stardew Valley's setting showing the location of Robin's Lost Axe with a red circle in the southwest area along the coastline.

    Directions From Your Farm to Robin’s Lost Axe

    First, leave your farm from the southern exit.

    The southern exit of your farm in Stardew Valley.

    You’ll now be at Marnie’s Ranch. Go south a bit more until you’re in front of her shop.

    Marnie's Ranch in Stardew Valley.

    From there, proceed further south until you see two bridges connected to a small island with a tree on it. Cross the bridges.

    Two bridges connecting to a small island with a tree in Cindersap Forest.

    Finally, keep walking southeast, hugging the cliff to the right. You’ll eventually find Robin’s axe in an organic corner of the landscape.

    Robin's lost axe located in the southeastern corner of Cindersap Forest.

    Select the axe to pick it up. You must have at least one free spot in your inventory to carry it.

    The player picking up Robin's Lost Axe in Stardew Valley.

    Once you locate Robin’s axe, it’s time to bring it to Robin and claim your reward.

    How to Claim the Reward for Finding Robin’s Axe

    You have to return the axe to Robin before you can claim your reward. On most days, Robin is found working at her shop, located to the north of the town square, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (4:00 PM on Friday). However, she’s off on Tuesday. It’s easier to catch her while she’s working since her schedule fluctuates during her off hours.

    Once you find Robin, make sure you have the axe selected in your backpack. Your character can be seen carrying the axe over their head when it’s selected.

    The player standing in front of Robin while holding her lost axe.

    With her trusty axe in hand, talk to Robin. She’ll very happily thank you for finding her axe.

    Robin thanking the player for finding her lost axe.

    After reuniting Robin with her axe, claim your reward by opening your Journal and selecting Robin’s Lost Axe from the list.

    The Robin's Lost Axe quest entry in the player's journal.

    Hover your cursor over the reward at the bottom of the journal entry and select it to claim it.

    The player about to claim their 250g reward for finding Robin's lost axe in their journal.

    The money isn’t the only thing you get for finding Robin’s axe, though—you’ll also receive 1 Friendship heart. 

    Finding Robin’s Lost Axe as quickly as possible is a great way to line your pockets and boost a useful friendship early in Stardew Valley. Who wouldn’t like to make a fast and easy 250g? Your farm will thank you!

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