A Vine and a Man Eater beneath Terraria's title text in front of scenic blue mountainous landscape.

Terraria: How to Get Vines

Vines aren't just for swinging on!

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Key Takeaway

Vines are only dropped by the deadly Man Eaters in the Underground Jungle.

The Underground Jungle is full of terrors, such as the Queen Bee. To get Vines in Terraria, you’ll have to journey to this Underground landscape, face some vicious Man Eater plants, and (hopefully) live to tell the tale. Pack your supplies; it’s time to get some Vines!

Table Of Contents

    How To Get Vines

    A Man Eater in the Underground Jungle of Terraria

    The only way to harvest Vines is by looting them from Man Eaters in the Underground Jungle, with a 50% drop rate. Not to be confused with the Vine Rope, the Vines dropped from Man Eaters are only used in crafting recipes.

    Man Eaters are without a doubt formidable foes, doing deadly damage to anyone who gets too close. What’s more, they will stretch across your screen and pass through terrain to try and reach you. Generally, you can only damage a Man Eater by attacking its head, but watch out for their snapping jaws!

    Destroying the block beneath them will also kill the Man Eater but won’t yield any loot.

    Vine Crafting Recipes

    All crafting recipes using Vines in Terraria.

    Once you’ve gathered your Vines, you can craft several nature-themed weapons and even armor. All the required ingredients, like Stingers and Jungle Spores, are also common to the Underground Jungle—you should have no trouble crafting these items.

    The majority of Vine crafting recipes require an Iron or Lead Anvil. The only exception is the Axe of Regrowth, which requires a Work Bench.

    • Amazon – 8 Rich Mahogany, 12 Stingers, 9 Jungle Spores, 1 Vine
    • Axe of Regrowth – Staff of Regrowth, Tin/Copper Axe, 12 Jungle Spores, 3 Vines
    • Blade of Grass – 12 Stingers, 15 Jungle Spores, 3 Vines
    • Ivy Whip – 12 Jungle Spores, 3 Vines
    • Jungle Pants – 8 Jungle Spores, 2 Vines
    • Snapthorn – 15 Stingers, 3 Jungle Spores, 3 Vines

    Keeping your wits about you in the Underground Jungle is a must, but you should have no trouble harvesting some Vines after locating some Man Eaters. Vines are only usable for crafting with a low sell value, so be sure to get Vines in Terraria sooner rather than later. The Jungle Pants are essential to complete the Jungle armor set to increase your maximum mana, while the Blade of Grass sword will show nature’s fury!