Powerful swords in Terraria.

Terraria: 10 Best Swords, Ranked

Stylish and deadly. That's what these swords are.

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The Sword is one of the melee weapons you can use in Terraria. It’s easy to use and it can be very effective. Save for a few instances, a sword can be all you’ll need to beat the game’s toughest enemies. Some swords, however, are ultimately better than others.

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    True Night’s Edge

    True Night's Edge from Terraria.

    The True Night’s Edge is the “true” version of the Night’s Edge. The Night’s Edge just happens to be one of the best swords during Pre-Hardmode, and its true version is a powerful weapon you can acquire early on in Hardmode. It deals about 70 damage and it also fires a spinning green and purple projectile every 0.86 seconds.

    You can craft this if you have the Night’s Edge and after you’ve acquired the Broken Hero Sword. This weapon is no pushover and can help you survive Hardmode early on. However, it’s nowhere near as powerful as the other swords on this list. You can make use of this as soon as crafting it and until you acquired another, stronger sword.

    Christmas Tree Sword

    Christmas Tree Sword from Terraria.

    Perfectly true to its name, the Christmas Tree Sword is literally a sword that’s shaped like a Christmas tree. It deals decent damage of about 86 and also has decent attack speed. Each time the sword is swung, it fires ornament projectiles at enemies that deal the same damage as the sword itself. The sword’s projectile takes the shape of a star, and that star also drops four colored ornaments that act like grenades.

    The unique characteristics of the weapon’s projectiles make it useful against hordes of enemies. Not only will they receive damage from the star projectile, but they’ll also receive added damage from the ornament bombs. The Everscream enemy has a chance of dropping this weapon. You can fight this enemy during the Frost Moon event. This event only happens at night after Plantera is defeated.

    Chlorophyte Claymore

    Chlorophyte Claymore from Terraria.

    The Chlorophye Claymore is the second and the more powerful Chlorhyte sword. Whenever this sword is swung, it also fires a Chlorophyte Orb that deals about 95 damage, the same damage as the sword itself deals. The orb’s travel time is nothing to write home about. However, it’s capable of piercing through multiple enemies before it drops. Couple this with its decent damage value and you have a powerful sword on your hand despite its lackluster speed.

    You can obtain this sword by collecting 12 Chlorophyte Bars, a material you can craft with Chlorophyte Ores. You can collect these ores in the Underground Jungle after you defeat all three mechanical bosses during Hardmode.

    Influx Waver

    Influx Waver from Terraria.

    The Influx Waver is a fast and powerful sword. This weapon shoots out a sword that travels straight to where the cursor is each time it is swung. Whenever the sword projectile hits an enemy, it can return one or two more times to attack that same enemy or another one nearby. The weapon deals about 100 damage.

    This weapon’s projectile can travel up to 5,000 tiles, giving it an extremely long reach. This is great for dealing with enemies from afar. However, its high damage and quick attack speed also make it a decent weapon for fighting enemies up close. You have a 16.66% chance of obtaining this from the Martian Saucer, a boss you can fight during the Martian Madness event.


    Seedler from Terraria.

    The Seedler is a weapon you can receive by defeating Plantera. The boss has a 14.29% chance of dropping this weapon. That’s a small chance, but obtaining this weapon can be very worthwhile. It’s fast and it shoots destructive bombs with each swing.

    The Seedler only deals about 50 damage. However, the bombs it fires can be very deadly to enemies. Whenever the bombs explode, they will them fire about four to seven projectiles that will target enemies. This makes the weapon great against multiple enemies or worm-type enemies.

    Terra Blade

    Terra Blade from Terraria.

    The Terra Blade is one of the most powerful and impressive swords in Terraria. It deals about 85 damage, which isn’t too high compared to other Hardmode swords. However, it has a very fast attack speed and its projectiles are just as fast and can pierce through two enemies. The projectiles of the sword are also affected by the weapon’s attack speed. That means if you’re equipped with a melee speed bonus, the projectiles also have a faster cooldown.

    This is one of the best weapons to use against hordes of enemies. It will be a perfect sword to use during events such as Pirate Invasion, Martian Madness, Old One’s Army events, and more. You can get this sword by combining the True Night’s Edge and True Excalibur swords on a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil.

    Flying Dragon

    Flying Dragon from Terraria.

    The Flying Dragon sword fires projectiles that pierce up to four enemies, making it perfect against hordes of enemies. Its damage is also very impressive. The sword can deal up to 180 damage, making it one of the most powerful swords you can wield.

    Due to its high damage output, it’s also a decent sword to use against bosses, although its power really shines against massive hordes during events. This sword can be dropped by Betsy, a boss you fight during the Old One’s Army event. Betsy has a 25% chance of dropping the weapon.


    Meowmere from Terraria.

    The Meowmere sword has the highest damage of all the swords in Terraria. It can deal up to 200 damage and its projectiles are even deadlier. Whenever the Meowmere is swung, a projectile that’s shaped like a cat’s head rushes forward, leaving behind a rainbow trail. This projectile deals about 250 damage. The projectile has a limited range but it’s capable of piercing through four enemies.

    Although it has the highest damage of all the swords in the game, the next two swords can still trump the Meowmere due to the limitations of its projectile. That being said, it’s a perfect weapon to use for close-range encounters. You can receive this weapon from the Moon Lord, making it one of the last weapons you can acquire. The Moon Lord has a 22.2% chance of dropping the sword.

    Star Wrath

    Star Wrath from Terraria.

    The Star Wraith is one of the most powerful and effective swords in Terraria. Whenever you swing the Star Wraith, it summons about three star projectiles from above which then drop down to wherever the cursor is. The weapon also has a high attack speed, which means you’re free to rain down star projectiles at enemies as fast as possible. This is made even more impressive when you turn on Autoswing.

    The Star Wrath and its projectiles deal about 170 damage. This means you can deal about 400 to 500 damage with one swing with the help of the star projectiles. This weapon is also dropped by the Moon Lord. Like the Meowmere, the Moon Lord has a 22.2% chance of dropping this powerful weapon.


    Zenith from Terraria.

    The Zenith is undoubtedly the most powerful sword in Terraria. Its 190 damage isn’t as high as the Meowmere’s but its effect of spawning other swords that slash at enemies whenever it is swung is what makes this the most powerful sword in the game. The Zenith spawns up to three swords. These swords then hit enemies that are within 20 tiles of the cursor.

    The Zenith is formed by combining 10 other swords, making it somewhat of a culmination of the swords you can acquire. It is also these same swords that the Zenith spawns whenever it is swung. The swords needed to craft the Zenith are the following:

    • Copper Shortsword
    • Enchanted Sword
    • Bee Keeper
    • Starfury
    • The Horseman’s Blade
    • Seedler
    • Influx Waver
    • Terra Blade
    • Star Wrath
    • Meowmere

    Craft the Zenith using these swords on a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.