Terraria: How to Make & Use Wormhole Potion

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Wormhole Potion from Terraria.

Key Takeaway

You can make a Wormhole Potion using three Bottled Waters, one Specular Fish, and one Blinkroot in a Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table. You use the potion by placing it on your Hotbar, opening the map, and clicking the icon of a team member.

The Wormhole Potion in Terraria is a potion used specifically for multiplayer. When consumed, it teleports the player to the location of another team member, making it useful in navigating the expansive world of Terraria.

Table Of Contents

    Making the Wormhole Potion

    A Wormhole Potion in Terraria.

    You need these items to make a Wormhole Potion:

    • 3 Bottled Water – You can get Bottled Water by taking a Bottle and “filling” it with water from a water source. You can make Bottles in a Furnace with one block of Glass.
    • Specular Fish – You can get this fish by fishing in the Forest, Jungle, Snow, Underground, Cavern, and Underworld biomes.
    • Blinkroot – Blinkroot is an herb found on Dirt and Mud blocks. These are very common.

    Once these ingredients are acquired, take them to a Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table and you’ll get the Wormhole Potion.

    How to Use the Wormhole Potion

    To use the Wormhole Potion, place it first on the Hotbar. Then, open the full-screen map. Scroll over to your teammate’s icon. Once you hover the cursor over their icon, you’ll see a text next to it that says “Teleport to (teammate name)”. Click on their icon and you’ll teleport to where they are.