Triangle Strategy: How to Get Medals of Bravery

Benedict promoted after just using a Medal of Bravery.

Key Takeaway

You can get Medals of Bravery in Triangle Strategy by completing chapter battles or by purchasing them with Kudos in the Sundry Shop.

Promoting your units in Triangle Strategy is necessary to progress through the game. To do this, you will need to obtain Medals of Bravery by completing chapter battles or purchasing them from the Sundry Shop.

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    What Are Medals of Bravery?

    There are different types of Medals you can obtain in Triangle Strategy, one of which are Medals of Bravery. These are items that can be used to promote your units. To promote your units from Recruit to Veteran, you will use a Medal of Bravery on a character who is at least level 10. If you’re looking to promote your units from Veteran to Elite, you will need a Medal of Valor for a character who is at least level 20.

    What Medals of Bravery Are Used For

    Highlighting Benedict's stats that will be increased through promoting him with a Medal of Bravery.

    Medals of Bravery are used to promote characters from a Recruit class to a Veteran class. Doing this will increase your character’s stats, so they will be more efficient in battle. Additionally, your characters can learn new abilities when you promote them.

    Where to Get Medals of Bravery

    There are two main ways you can obtain Medals of Bravery—through chapter battles and through the Sundry Shop.

    Chapter Battles

    You can get Medals of Bravery by simply completing the main chapter battles in Triangle Strategy. Medals of Bravery will often be rewarded to you once you emerge victorious. Sometimes chapter battles will happen in parts, and you can also earn Medals by completing the individual parts of a chapter as well.

    Sundry Shop

    Medal of Bravery highlighted in the Sundry Shop.

    If you visit your Encampment, you can access the Sundry shop by speaking with Archibald. He will likely have a couple Medals of Bravery you can purchase, though you cannot purchase these with Gold. Instead, you will need to purchase Medals of Bravery with Kudos.

    There are numerous ways you can earn Kudos throughout the game, namely by performing strategic actions during battle. Medals of Bravery cost 20 Kudos each.