Is There Romance in Triangle Strategy?

Many JRPGs include options to romance different characters and alter the course of your relationships while progressing through the game. Triangle Strategy does include romance, but it might be more restrictive than what you’re imagining.

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    Romance Mechanics

    Officially, there are no romance mechanics in Triangle Strategy. If you were looking to start the game in hopes of pairing up Serenoa with someone of your choosing, you are unfortunately out of luck. Sadly, this also extends to side or support characters, as you cannot set them up with anyone either.

    Romance Between Characters

    Serenoa and Frederica with map in background.

    Though you cannot have Serenoa romance another character of your choice, that’s not to say there is no romance in Triangle Strategy. Right from the beginning of the game, Serenoa and Frederica are engaged to be married. Their relationship develops throughout the game, and there are different endings to their relationship, depending on which path you choose in the end.

    Additionally, you will discover that other characters have romantic interests and relationships as well. Through reading the side stories, you can gain more insight into the interpersonal relationships of every character.

    Serenoa speaking with Frederica.