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Triangle Strategy: How to Get the Golden Ending

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There are very specific choices you need to make to secure a route to the Golden Ending in Triangle Strategy. You’ll need to make sure you don’t miss a step during your playthrough.

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    What Does “Golden Ending” Mean?

    The Golden Ending in Triangle Strategy is also known as the True Ending. The True Ending is usually considered to be the “best” ending, but it can generally only be obtained by following a very specific path or set of instructions. Many games include multiple endings—both good and bad—as they allow for the player to make significant choices throughout with different consequences. Triangle Strategy is no different, and there is a distinct path to the True Ending.

    Necessary Decisions for Golden Ending

    The following will highlight the chapters in which you must take specific actions to ensure the Golden Ending. If any one of these actions are missed, you will be barred from it, so you’re going to want to pay close attention, starting in Chapter Seven.

    Outlining spots that you can burn down the village.

    Chapter 7: Protect or Surrender Roland

    Technically, you can choose either of the main two routes in this chapter and still obtain the Golden Ending. However, if you choose to defend Roland, you must not use the fire traps in the fight against Avlora. Using any of them will eliminate the possibility of the True Ending.

    Chapter 9: Transport the Illegal Salt

    In Chapter Nine, your party must decide whether to aid Sorsely in transporting illegal salt for him. The alternative is to go to Hyzante and rat him out, hoping to avoid becoming criminals yourselves and gain the favor of Hyzante by doing so. You must choose to help Sorsely in transporting the illegal salt to reach the Golden Ending.

    Chapter 10a: Reveal Roland’s Identity

    Once again, your party reaches a pivotal moment in which they must make an important decision. You must either reveal Roland’s true identity to Svarog, the buyer of the illegal salt, or keep Roland’s identity secret. While you might feel inclined to keep Roland’s identity under wraps, you must reveal who he really is to Svarog in this chapter to get to the Golden Ending.

    Chapter 11: Defend the Roselle

    In Chapter 11, you will end up in a dire situation in which you must decide whether to defend the Roselle. While you may feel inclined to deliver them to Hyzante to maintain a good relationship with the nation, you will need to set Hyzante’s desires aside and defend the Roselle anyway to unlock the Golden Ending.

    Chapter 12: Find the Roselle Key

    During the exploration phase in Chapter 12, you will need to find a certain key, otherwise you will end up getting an early game over, and you will miss out on the True Ending. Go into the Elder’s house and talk to him. Once he denies that the key exists, leave, and speak with Benedict. Afterward, speak with Frederica. Frederica will then lure the Elder out of the house for you, and you can snag the key from where he’d been lingering before.

    Wolffort during exploration mode.

    Chapter 15: Return to Wolffort

    To secure a route to the Golden Ending, you will need to go and visit Symon back in Wolffort. Make sure that when the voting takes place in Chapter 15, you’re able to persuade your party to travel back to Wolffort to tell Symon that Glenbrook has been reclaimed, or you’ll be locked out of the True Ending.

    Chapter 17: Find Another Way

    Chapter 17 is the moment of truth, as this is where your story will deviate into different endings. Eventually, you will come across a time in which the game will prompt you to either use the scales to decide, or choose “There must be another way.” If you do not see the “There must be another way” option in the dialogue, this means you must have missed one of the steps for the Golden Ending leading up to this chapter.

    Assuming the option presents itself, choose “There must be another way.” After you’ve chosen this option, be sure to choose the following dialogue options, in order:

    • “Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wIldfire?”
    • “Might Lord Svarog be the key?”
    • “We can expose the truth hidden within the Goddess’s statue.”
    • “They’re of the Consortium.”

    Once you’ve done this, you’ve officially secured the route to the Golden Ending.