The Triangle Strategy title screen.

Triangle Strategy: How to See Which Conviction Goes With Each Dialogue Choice

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Convictions are a central focus of Triangle Strategy. Your actions and responses to certain situations determine which Conviction you strengthen. To get a specific desired ending, you’ll want to know which Convictions are aligned with each dialogue option.

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    What Are Convictions and Why Do They Matter?

    In Triangle Strategy, Serenoa’s Convictions play a huge role in how the game’s story unfolds. You will often see the phrase, “Serenoa’s Convictions have been strengthened” on the screen, but it’s not clear what that really means.

    Essentially, many actions and decisions you make throughout the game strengthen one of three different Convictions: Liberty, Morality, or Utility. Depending on how much you’ve strengthened each conviction through your actions and dialogue choices, different characters will be drawn to your party. But more importantly, your Convictions will influence how successful you are at convincing other party members to agree with your desired course of action whenever the Scales of Conviction voting takes place.

    Unfortunately, you can’t actually see the impact that your choices have. It is unbeknownst to the player which Conviction they’re strengthening at a given time.

    How to See Which Conviction Goes With Each Dialogue Choice

    Luckily, you’ll only need to go through a blind playthrough once. After you’ve reached one of the endings in Triangle Strategy, no matter which one you get, you can start a New Game+ file afterward.

    In New Game+, the exact values by which you are strengthening each conviction will be displayed, including when you must make tough dialogue choices. You will have the ability to manage every aspect of the Scales of Conviction in New Game+, so nothing will be left up to chance.

    New Features That Come With New Game+

    New Game+ features screen.

    The ability to see which Conviction values are impacted by each dialogue choice is not the only added feature when you start New Game+. The following features are also included:

    • All units, information, and notes carry over
    • Enemies will be tougher (though not in mental battles)
    • Summary of your first playthrough
    • Option for hard mental battles
    • View current Conviction values and values necessary to recruit allies you haven’t met
    • See when a Conviction value changes and by how much
    • Conditions needed to raise each Conviction value are revealed